100 Best Fall Crafts for Adults

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Fall Mason Jars (source unknown)
fall colored & black acrylic paint, mason jars, burlap ribbon, stencils, twine, $1 fall flowers, glue gun, sandpaper
Paint the mason jars fall colors. Distress with sandpaper if you wish to. Measure the burlap you need to fit around the mason jars and cut. Make four strips. Stencil the letters on the burlap ribbon with black paint (paint under newspaper or paper plate). Glue the burlap around the mason jar. Tie twine around neck of jar. Fill with flowers.

Fall Owl Mason Jar Craft  from The Keeper of the Cheerios

Scarecrow Mason Jar from Etsy
mason jar, brown chalky paint, buttons, craft paints for face, sharpie for mouth,
natural raffia, glue gun, burlap ribbon with lace trip, faux sunflower

Maple Tree Leaf Globe from Premeditated Leftovers