100 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Cookware Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Pots and Pan Organizer from Restoration Beauty

Pot Lid Storage (using command hooks)

Pan Organizer (using a metal file sorter)

Cutting Board Storage (source unknown)
small wire rack + screws

Pot Organization from Organizing Homelife

Wood Magazine Rack Bakeware Storage from Cookies, Crafts, and Chaos
You can find these old magazine racks for a few dollars at thrift stores.

Bakeware Storage Basket (source unknown)

Pot Lid Organization Using A Wire Rack from Restoration Beauty

Spice Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Dollar Store Spice Cupboard from The Social Home

Spice Organizer (source unknown)

Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator (source unknown)
strong magnets (or command hooks) + plastic basket

Spice Storage from Domestic Imperfection

Spice Drawer Organization from Bright Green Door

Dollar Tree Spice Storage (source unknown)

DIY Dollar Store Magnetic Spice Organization from A Cultivated Nest

DIY Spice Rack from The Storybrook House

Fridge Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Fridge Organization from Goodbye House, Hello Home

Chest Freezer Organization from Practically Functional

Refrigerator Storage from PBJ Stories

DIY Condiment Bottle Organization from Alton Brown

Fridge Organization Using Bins and Mason Jars from Clean and Sensible

How to Keep Your Fridge Clean Using Wax Paper from 36th Avenue

DIY Dollar Store Lazy Susan from The Country Chic Cottage

Fridge Organization Using Lazy Susans from A Casarella

Fridge Organization from Organizing Home Life

Miscellaneous Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Tupperware Lid Storage (source unknown)

Tupperware Storage from Better Homes and Gardens

CD Rack Tupperware Lid Storage from Hip 2 Save

DIY Sliding Kitchen Pegboard Drawer from Merrypad

Food Wrap Cabinet Organization from I Heart Organizing

Roll Organizer from Ask Anna Mosley

Roll Organizer II (using a magazine holder)

Plastic Wrap Holder from Classy Clutter

Trash Bags on a Roll from Organized

Measuring Spoon and Cup Organizers (source unknown)
measuring spoons + adhesive hooks

Baking Nook Organization from The Hyper House

$1 Drawer Liners from Contact Paper from So The Cook Said

Oven Mitts Storage from Krazy Coupon Lazy

Hanging Kitchen Towel from Polka Dot Chair

Zip Ties for Brooms and Mops from Sew Many Ways

Trash Can Handle Command Hook Hack from Krazy Coupon Lady

Sponge Holder from Driven by Decor

Under the Sink Sponge Holder (source unknown)

 Under the Sink Organization from At Home with Niki

Sink Cleaning Organization (source unknown)
You can DIY it with a $1 candlestick and $1 plate and use E6000 to secure them together.

Water Bottle Magazine Rack Organization from Driven by Decor

Kitchen Plastic Bag Organization from Glue Sticks and Gumdrops

Under the Sink Cleaning Supply Organization from Life Hack

Under the Kitchen Counter $1 Caddy from Neat House Sweet Home

Dollar Store Storage for Paper Goods from Organizing Made Fun

Dollar Store Coffee Station from Unlikely Martha

Wire Baskets for Top of Cabinet from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Tiered Tray Storage (source unknown)
stove burner covers, candlestick holders
Great idea for small snacks like protein bars or garlic and baby potatoes, etc.

Food Storage Kitchen Organization Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer from A Proverbs Wife

Packet Organizer (source unknown)

Kitchen Drawer Organizer (source unknown)

Canned Food Storage from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Canned Food Storage (for half-sized cans) from PBJ Stories

Tiered Shelving for Canned Goods from Mom Endeavors

Canned Food Storage Idea (source unknown)
empty 12 pk soda carton + contact paper

Over the Door Shoe Organizer for Small Snacks

Mason Jar Storage from The Rigney’s

DIY Produce Rack from Domestic Diva Domain

Free Printable Pantry Labels from The Creativity Exchange

Hanging Snacks in Pantry (source unknown)

Binder Clip Packet Holder from One Good Thing by Jillee

Wire Magazine Holder Produce Storage from Buzzfeed

Binder Clip Rack for Packets from Especially Creative Broad

Hanging Produce Rack from The Kitchn

Dollar Storage Food Storage from Creative Green Living

Utensil Kitchen Organization Ideas

DIY Cutlery Tray (source unknown)
great idea if you have lots of misc. silverware
that won’t fit in standard trays or there isn’t enough space
All you need is these long plastic baskets (3 for $1)

Kitchen Utensil Organizers from Popsugar

Storage Solutions for Utensils from Tara Dennis

Utensil Storage for Side of Cabinet from Not Martha
You can use tension rods and s hooks found at Dollar General.

Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Pantry Organization Makeover from Classy Clutter

Pantry Dry Goods Organization from Alejandra

Dollar Store Pantry Makeover from The Social Home

Pantry Organizer (using small tension rods) from Martha Stewart

Pantry Organization Makeover from Mom Endeavors

Organized Pantry Reveal from Polished Habitat

Pantry Makeover from Not Just a Housewife

Pantry Makeover Using Dollar Store Bins from How to Nest for Less

Dollar Store Canister Storage from The Social Home

Pantry Organization from Alejandra