150 Repurposed DIY Room Decor Ideas

Repurposed DIY Living Room and Bedroom Ideas

Faux Succulent Garden
5×7 frames + moss +faux succulents + twigs + paint

Hurricane Lanterns Out of Dollar Store Frames
5 frames + curtain ring + black marker
Farmhouse Decor from $5 Thrift Store Frame
chalk paint + banner + boxwood wreath + old picture frame + chicken wire + staple gun

Recycled Coffee Can Planter
white spray paint + drill + rope + seashell necklaces
Paint Stick Basket
square dowel + paint stir sticks + staples and a staple gun

Teacup Candles
Candy or candle thermometer + new wicking + teacups + wick sustainers + wooden skewers

DIY Lightbulb Terrariums
lightbulb + gravel  + small faux plants

DIY Lightbulb Flower Vase
lightbulbs + twine + flowers

DIY Chalk Paint Candlesticks
spindles + wood pieces (craft store) + wood screws + chalk paint + candles

Farmhouse Candle Holder
candlestick + thrift store cake pans + white satin finish spray paint + E600 adhesive

Sunburst Paint Stick Mirror 
paint sticks + glue + round mirror + wood stain + wall hanger

Old Window Picture Frame
clear picture corners + old window + command hooks + wood letters + dark wood stain

Cereal Box Decorative Sphere
cereal box + Rust-Oleum Aged Copper spray paint + hole punch + metal paper fasteners

Old Window Wall Art

DIY Sweater Pillows (No Sow)
throw pillow + sweater + needle & thread + buttons + pins

Repurposed Chair Coat Rack
saw + drill + spray paint + sandpaper + wood glue and filler + hooks + screws

Repurposed Barn Door Decor
barn door + 2 corner shelves + paint

Display Shelves
picture frame + old wine crate + spray paint. + heavy duty picture hanging kit

Wire Basket Side Table
wire basket + round wood panel + spray paint + wood stain + clear coat + cable staples

Lamp Side Table
lamp + platter + liquid nails + spray paint
You could also use a large picture frame as the tabletop instead of a platter

Plastic Spoon Vase
empty can + glue gun + white spray primer + plastic spoons + blue and white acrylic paint

DIY Shutter Bench
antique shutter + baseboard + legs + leg anchors + wood trim

DIY Bottle Lamp
old bottle + simple engraving device + wiring + lampshade

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table
plywood + luggage case + metal plates + table legs + screws + paint/wood stain
DIY Bottle-Cap Candles
Bottle caps + candle wicks + ends of candles

Repurposed DIY Entryway and Office Ideas

Key Frame
picture frame + gold hooks + paint

Organization Hub
wire mesh utensil tray + small nails

Sunglass Holder DIY
photo frame + glue gun + paint +  rope

DIY Marble Pencil Holder
empty can + marble contact paper

Recycled Glass Jars Turned Stylish Office Storage
recycled glass jars +  knobs + scrapbook paper + spray paint + mod podge

DIY Dry Erase Board
8×10 picture frame + patterned masking tape  + dry erase markers
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

Cookie Sheet Magnetic Memo Board
metal primer + spray paint + fabric + mod podge

Entryway Shutter Catchall
shutter + spray paint +  S hooks + clothespins

Organizers from Cereal Boxes
washi tape or patterned duct tape + cereal box

Milk Jug School-Supply Container
spray paint + 1-gallon plastic jug +  X-acto knife, washi tape + foam board + chalkboard label

Crib Railing Magazine Holder
You could also use it to hang towels or blankets

Picture Frame Memo Board 
picture frame + fabric + glue

Corkboard Flower Push Pins
cork board + fabric + fake flowers + push pins + glue gun

Repurposed DIY Bathroom Ideas

Decorative Towel Hangers (Source Unknown)
thrift store picture frames + white and black spray paint + decorative hooks

Ladder Towel Rack
small ladder + spray paint

DIY Mirrored Vanity Tray
picture frame + mirror + drawer handles + rubber pads + silver spray paint
Cardboard Box Basket
jute twine + cardboard + white fabric

Repurposing Candle Jars
candle jar + glue + knobs + spray paint + primer + goo gone
Here is a great DIY goo gone
Gold Glass Jar Organizers
Glass jars and lids + metallic gold spray paint + foam shapes and letters

Jewelry Tower
cups + saucers + taper candle holders + spray paint + glue
These dishes were found at Thrift Stores, but you can also find similar ones at Dollar Tree.

Tiered Tray
glass taper candleholder + white plate + white saucer
Wine Bottle Jewelry Holder
wine bottle + acrylic craft paint + gorilla glue, salad plate

Drawer Shelf
old drawer + spray paint + wood scraps + hammer and nails
Macon Jar Bathroom Organizer Set
mason jars + white paint + clear coat sealant + mason jar soap lid converter kit + mason jar flower frog

Mason Jar Tissue Holder
mason jar  + scrapbook paper + tissue

Makeup Organizer (using a cutlery tray)
Towel Rack  (Using a Wine Rack)

Wine Cork Bath Mat
175 wine corks  + hot glue sticks + non-adhesive shelf liner
Recycled Towel Bath Mat
3 to 4 bath towels + cutting mat + rotary cutter + pins, needle and thread
Plastic Bag Basket
sewing needles + white thread + a thimble + plastic bags
Jewelry Holder from a Cutlery Tray
wooden cutlery tray + paint + knobs  + cup hooks

Earring Organizer (using an ice cube tray)
Fingernail Polish Display Stand
black foam board + >picture frame
Necklace Holder
cooling rack + picture frame + wrapping paper + adhesives
Cheese Grater Earring Caddy
cheese grater (thrift store $1) + spray paint
Dangly Earring Display
picture frame + 12′ of picture wire + acrylic paint + staple gun
Picture Frame Corkboard
picture frame + spray paint + cork board  + push pins
Rustic Necklace Holder
paper towel holder + gold spray paint
Nail Polish Storage
cookie jar with a metal lid + decorative knob (optional)
Under The Sink Organization
3 magazine holders + 1 plastic tub
Hair Appliance Storage
file folder box + hair straightener, blow dryer, etc.
Cleaning Supply Organization
(using over the door shoe organizer)

Repurposed DIY Kitchen Ideas

Pan Organizer (using a file sorter)
Recycled Utensil Storage Containers
empty tin cans + drill + spray paint + washi tape, stickers or tags + S-hook + towel bar
Pot Organizer (using a basic towel rod)
Kitchen Utensil Holder
small hooks + old rake + wood board + wood stain
Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer
reclaimed wood + chain + old cheese grater (thrift store) + wooden utensils
DIY Whisk Candle Holder
Homemade Trivet 
clothespins + floral wire
Cabinet Door Serving Tray
cabinet door + wood handles + white paint + sandpaper + stencils + black acrylic paint
You can get the cabinet door at Habitat for Humanity
Picture Frame Tray
the picture frame + fabric + picture + 2 handles + screws
Tiered Stand from Cake Pans
3 cake pans + candlesticks + spray paint + e600 glue
You can get the cake pans and candlesticks at Dollar Tree or a thrift store
DIY Tiered Tray from Frames
picture frames + paint + wood + saw + wood glue + wooden candlestick and finial
Bowl Lampshade
pendant light kit + large ceramic bowl + drill with a ceramic hole saw
Globe Stand Paper Towel Holder
Farmhouse Kitchen Canister DIY
jars + free printable + chalky spray paint + heat transfer vinyl + silhouette cutting machine
Jar Storage
spray paint + labels + empty plastic jars
Coffee Canister Storage
spray paint + labels + empty coffee jars
Canned Food Storage (for half-sized cans)
magazine holder + bobby pins (to keep cans from falling out)
Plastic Wrap Holder (for the inside of the cabinet door)
Canned Food Storage Idea
empty 12 pk soda carton + contact paper

Repurposed DIY Porch, Patio, and Backyard Ideas

Welcome Sign 
chalk + white paint pen + old ironing board + wood stain + burlap ribbon
Colander Hanging Basket Planter
carabiners/spring hooks + chain + wire + colander + cheesecloth + plants
$10 Upcycled Firepit
recycled washing machine drum + high heat black paint (optional)
DIY Accent Table
terra cotta pot and base + white spray paint + twine
Hula Hoop Chandelier
hula hoop + ribbon + string lights
Rope Ottomans Chair 
old tire (junkyard) +sisal rope + nylon rope + hot glue gun & glue sticks
Old Tire Planter
wood board + sisal rope + weatherproof stain + screws + angle brackets + bolts and nuts + plywood

Tire Planter II
old tire + exterior spray paint + potting soil + flowers + chain + shook
Upcycled Solar Lamp Posts
black spray paint + lamp base + $1 solar lights
Lighting Posts
fence post + 4 solar outdoor lights + extra long screws + 4″ x 4″ wood
Wine Bottle Tiki Torch
wine bottle + wick + reducing connector +  thread sealant tape + pea gravel + Citronella Torch Fuel
Cheap Outdoor Lantern (using a tuna can)
thrift store hurricane glass + empty tuna can + wood screw + copper adapter + spray paint + votive candle + paint stick
Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs

Barrel Table (source unknown)
large barrel + glass top + moss + string lights

Bucket Outdoor Coffee Table
metal bucket + plywood + 2×6 boards + outdoor caulk + liquid nails + wood stain