50 Cheap and Easy DIY Herb Garden Ideas


Wood & Pallet DIY Herb Garden Ideas

 Pallet Vertical DIY Herb Garden: Hanging Planter
pallet + extra planks + chalkboard paint + chalk
DIY Pallet Herb Garden
terra cotta pots + pallet + extra wood boards + outdoor paint + vinyl letters
Super Easy Pallet Planter
old pallet + hose clamps + screws + terra-cotta pots
Wood Planter for the Wall
wood + drill + wood glue + finish nails + spray paint + 2-3′ of rope + small clay pots
Hanging Herb Garden
boards + rope + terra cotta pots + zip ties + drill

Potted DIY Herb Garden Ideas

One Pot Herb Garden
large terra cotta pot + chalkboard labels + chalk pen
Tiered Pots Herb Garden (no source found)
Chalkboard Pot Herb Garden
terra-cotta pots + chalkboard paint + chalk
Burlap Covered Potted Herbs (source not found)
burlap roll + terra cotta pots + herbs & potting soil
Chalk Painted Herb Planters
gray and white chalk paint + terra cotta pots + letter stamps + ink pad`
Hanging Kitchen Garden
clay pots + white spray paint ($1 at Walmart) + rubber bands + jute rope + wood dowel rods +  curtain rings (Dollar Tree)  + curtain brackets
Hanging Indoor Herb Garden 
pots + craft paint + drill + command hooks
Clothespin Herb Planters
tuna can + clothespins + dark walnut stain marker + oil-rubbed bronze spray paint
Crooked Herb Garden Pots
various sized pots with holes + lightweight (but NOT flexible) metal rod
Wall Herb Garden
plastic pots + spray paint + awl + small clear command hooks
Copper Pipe Hanging Planter
copper pipe + end caps + curtain rod brackets + paracord + copper spray paint

Other DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Wood Box Herb Garden
wood box planter + white spray paint + jumbo craft sticks + black vinyl letters
Ladder Herb Garden (no source found)
metal planters with handles + s hooks + ladder
Vertical Hanging Buckets
hooks + vinyl numbers + buckets($1 Target) + narrow picture frame or other backing
Windowsill Herb Garden
wood box planter + wood stain + chalk
Hanging Herb and Vegetable Basket
IKEA Wine Rack Herb Garden
IKEA Vurm + 4 pint glasses + pebbles + + Latex paint + clear chalkboard coating + chalk
Floating PVC Window Herb Planter
PVC pipe + knock-out plugs + eye hooks + s-hooks + chain

Repurposed DIY Herb Garden Ideas

Herb Garden With Old Glass Jars
black chalk paint + chalk + pebbles
Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden
pint size masons jars + vintage style mason jar holder
Mason Jar Wall Planter
quart mason jars + hose clamps + 2 pieces of scrap wood + wood stain
Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
They sell those jars with handles at Dollar Tree and you could get a cheap metal rack from Dollar Tree too and spray paint it bronze
Hanging Bottle Hern Garden
Scrap of wood + 2-litre plastic bottles +batting + small screws + 2 picture hooks +2 concrete nails  + hammer
Windowsill Tin Can Herb Garden
tin cans + spray paint + chalkboard labels + chalk marker
DIY Copper Tin Can Herb Garden
metallic spray paint + empty cans + wood tags + chalkboard paint + chalk + twine
Table Top Herb Garden from a Pallet
scrap wood  + chalk paint + two handles + mason jars + nails and hammer
Mason Jar Garden Hanger
wood board + mason jars + pipe clamps + triangle ring hangers + hanging wire + picture hanger + chalkboard paint & chalk
Old Kettle Herb Garden
You can get some unique kettles at thrift stores for cheap
Spice Rack Planter
1 Spice rack  + 1 Roll of burlap
You could also do something similar with a metal shower caddy
(you can get them at Dollar Tree for $1)
Old Chandelier Herb Garden
thrift store chandelier + spray paint + sticker letters + s-hook
Coffee Mug Herb Garden
Tea Tin Herb Planters
Large tea tins + hammer+  awl or large nail
Vintage Teacup Herb Garden
You can get vintage teacups at thrift stores for cheap
Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden
empty cans +ribbon +terra-cotta saucer  + drill + twine + tags
Kitchen Herb Garden
galvanized metal planter set + free printable herb garden markers + clothespins
Herb Garden Using A Galvanized Utensil Caddy
Wash Tub Herb Garden
wash tub + magnetic alphabet letters + spray paint
Herb Planter From a Wagon
drill + gravel + old wagon
Shoe Organizer Herb Garden
You can get shoe organizers at IKEA for $5
Basket Herb Garden (source unknown)
You can get large baskets at thrift stores for $2-3
Recycled Shutter Herb Garden (source unknown)
Plastic Kiddie Pool into a Garden Planter
if you already have a kiddie pool that you don’t use anymore, then this is a great way to repurpose it!
kiddie pool + Plastic window screening or newspaper + drill
Hanging Gutter Garden
pvc white rain gutter + gutter end caps + steel cables  + Feeney cross clamps + Feeney steel rods  + galvanized eye hooks

DIY Herb Garden Markers

Chalkboard Markers
chalkboard paint + paint stir sticks + chalk or chalk pen
Clay Stamped Markers
oven bake-able polymer clay + rubber letter stamps
Wine Cork Markers
wine corks + magic marker + wooden skewers
DIY Scrabble Tile Herb Garden Markers
craft sticks + scrabble tiles + hot glue gun
DIY Clothespin Garden Markers
clothespins + acrylic paint. + black marker
Painted Rock Markers
large rocks + permanent marker + clear sealer