50 Stylish Homecoming Hairstyles For 2021

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Side braid hairstyle

Cute side braid homecoming hairstyles are ideal for those who want to show off their youthful and lively side on Homecoming. Try a half-up and half-down wave shape or side braid hair for a natural and beautiful girl next door look. Use small clips or braid your hair into beach waves overnight, and then loosen the upper part into a bun. Match it with cute hair accessories, such as scarves, ribbons, hair bands, or hair loops. Use it to match natural and delicate makeup, such as light bronze eyes, rosy cheeks, and rose lip gloss.

The side braid is suitable for day and night activities because of its low-key and fresh appearance. In addition, if you want a braid hairstyle that does not require a mirror or special techniques, this is a good choice. Turn your side braid from a student to a homecoming star, add some volume to the crown, leave some loose parts, and create fake asymmetric bangs. If your face is round, heart-shaped, or square, then this hairstyle is particularly flattering.