Awesome Healthy Smoothie recipes from instagram

Need some quick and easy but healthy ideas for  Delicious smoothies? Try this Healthy Smoothie recipe from Instagram.

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie?

The Basics
The first thing to do is to choose the fruits and vegetables that you’re going to add to your smoothie. As mentioned, you should choose the fruits and vegetables based on the goals you want to achieve and the nutrients that you’re interested in. Of course, you should aim for a balance but ask what your primary goal is too. Is this a fat burning smoothie? An energy smoothie? Or a fiber-packed smoothie?

Think too about the sugar content and the acidity. Something like a banana or an avocado will be much less sugary than something like an orange or a mango. If you have one or two ingredients that pack a lot of sugar, then consider adding a few less sweet ingredients to try and even the score.
What’s also very important, is to make sure that you get your ratios correct and we’ll come to this in a moment.