Baby Chick Wreath

Last Easter I found the little baby chicks on the clearance table for $1 a bag. There were around 20 in each. Yes, I bought 5 bags! How could I not? So, since then, I had been searching for an idea to get rid of my hoarding bag loads of chicks. By the way, I do think that they are really ugly & doubted myself when buying so many! But I think that this looks really cute.

This is what I did

Use a flat polystyrene ring, the round ones take up too many chicks. This wreath used about 100 chicks!! Lucky I got a bargain.

Paint the foam with yellow, so that if any gaps show it will still look chicken. Lucky for me I had leftover from when I thought a bright yellow play kitchen would look great!

I  started by sticking the chick’s feet into the foam, but they didn’t stay, so I used a hot glue gun.

On the side of the ring, you can see in the picture below how I glued them on.

I twisted the heads around a little to look the same as the others.

Very cute I think!