Best Swimming Pool Covers Ideas

Which swimming pool covers to choose from? All models under the microscope, their advantages and weakness

For many homeowners, a pool enclosure is an ideal solution for keeping trash and dirt away from the water. In addition, such a device can help you reduce the use of chemicals and increase the privacy around the swimming area while allowing you to enjoy your pool all year round. Don’t overlook the fact that these structures are a great way to add value to your property.

The shelter: an essential structure to enjoy a 4-season swimming pool

In areas with long and rainy winters, having an outdoor pool is mistakenly seen as a source of problems that is not worth the trouble. Many people do not realize that turning an awkward and embarrassing pool into a pleasant space that is easy to maintain and accessible all year round is possible and easy. Certainly, installation and maintenance are two factors that could make a large swimming pool a major investment. But a glass cover will allow you to get the most out of your pond, while giving you the opportunity to enjoy it all year round with less maintenance.

If you are thinking of installing a pool enclosure, this article goes through everything you need to know to make it easier to make the right choice.

What is a swimming pool enclosure and what is its role?

The pool enclosure is a protective structure whose main role is to preserve the water from various waste and impurities. So you can spend less time cleaning and worrying about your pond and more time enjoying it. A blanket also allows you to keep insects and debris from clogging the filtration system. Do not forget either that under the shelter you can swim in private at any time of the day, without anyone disturbing you. In addition, the walls of the structure are able to block annoying outside noise. Without a doubt, its major advantage is the safety of children. Just like the protection of the garden pond is a crucial issue, the solutions for securing the swimming pool also deserve special attention. This is where the shelter comes in, which is decidedly the most effective existing protection structure.

What are the different types of pool enclosures?

Pool enclosures are available in a variety of types and designs. For example, there is the high / low pool enclosure; the flat shelter; sliding and inflatable models. The frame can be made of aluminum, wood or steel. As for the glazing, in general, this is available in polycarbonate, glass or plexiglass. If you are unsure of the choice of material, take into consideration that polycarbonate is much stronger than glass and can withstand extreme heat and cold conditions. In addition, thanks to its physical properties, this material acts as a solar panel, increasing the temperature of the water in the swimming pool.

Advantages and weaknesses of different models

You hesitate between this or that model of swimming pool enclosure to arrange your garden? In order to be sure to make the best choice in terms of protection, ease of maintenance and use, savings and quality, it is essential to know the advantages and the weak points of the different models available to you.

Low pool enclosure

One of the great advantages of the low pool enclosure is that the device allows you to swim freely in your pool, regardless of whether it is open or covered. In addition, this practical and elegant structure does not spoil the view of your exterior. The low pool enclosure is the ideal solution for small gardens because it does not clutter up the space unnecessarily. In addition, the sliding models on rails or wheels allow to be completely released in order to free the entire surface of the pool.

In short, the advantages of a low pool enclosure are:

The low-profile, discreet and easy-to-use design;
The reduced volume allows the pool water to heat up naturally;
You can enjoy your pool even when the shelter is completely closed;
Compact and practical, the structure fits easily into any environment;
A variety of models available: removable, semi-sliding or telescopic (on rails or on casters).

High swimming pool enclosure

The high pool enclosure is the ideal solution for those who wish to create a real living space outside, near their pool. Like models of a lower height, tall structures protect the pool from adverse weather conditions and inclement weather throughout the year. With its contemporary and sleek design, this build requires a certain investment of time and money that is well worth it.

The high swimming pool enclosure is ideally made to measure to adapt as best as possible to the site and to personal desires. The structure can be attached to the house or independent. Ideally, its walls are telescopic and motorized, which takes comfort to a higher level. In general, by choosing to install a high shelter, you erect a full room under the roof from which you can stand. It is still possible to set up a lounge area.


The high pool enclosures allow free movement around the pool;
The installation of an air and water heating system allows you to enjoy your pool all year round;
A living room in its own right;
One way to enhance your property;
Endless possibilities for customization.

Weak points :

The need for a building permit;
Depending on the material and the opening and closing system, the price range can be very wide. From € 7,000 for a fixed PVC model to € 23,000 for a telescopic or sliding glass or wooden structure;

Flat pool enclosure

Sleek, practical and modern, flat pool enclosures are rather discreet protective structures that do not spoil the landscape design. They are an effective alternative for naturally heating the pool water while protecting it from climatic hazards and dirt. There are lift, telescopic or motorized models which are all easy to handle. The prices depend on the dimensions of the structure, material and function.


Contemporary design;
Natural water heating;
A range of models available: lifting, telescopic and motorized;
Space saving ;
A marriage of technology and functionality (depending on the model);
Motorized models are particularly practical. Thanks to the remote control, they open and close quickly, stopping at the desired location.

Weak points :

The flat cover does not allow you to use your pool when it is in the closed position;
In the folded position, some models are bulky.

Inflatable pool enclosure

With its ingenious and futuristic design, the inflatable pool enclosure is an innovative and efficient solution to enjoy your pool in any season. In just one hour, the basin is found under a dome which inflates by the action of a blower. The protective bubble helps keep the water clean and reduces cleaning time and maintenance costs. This removable shelter can be dismantled and reinstalled whenever you want. Thanks to the easy installation, you have an indoor / outdoor swimming pool in no time, without having to modify the architecture of your space. Plus, it’s an affordable alternative to expensive pool enclosures.

Benefits :

The inflatable dome is UV and weather resistant;
Inflatable via a blower system;
Low and high models are available;
Easy installation;
Possibility of installing a heating system;
From € 4,000.

Which above ground pool enclosure?

In order to protect an above ground swimming pool, you can choose from a range of shelters that come in different formats and sizes. For example, if it is a question of covering a small inflatable swimming pool, you can bet on a simple cover. On the other hand, to protect a large above ground swimming pool, whether it is inflatable or not, you have the choice among the classic high models, bubble type folding, low and liftable or flat.

A fixed high shelter: this would be an excellent solution for your large above ground pool if you want to enjoy your pond all year round. The models come in different shapes and sizes. Take into consideration that a high shelter for an above ground swimming pool must be fixed to the ground to guarantee you an irreproachable stability.
A folding shelter: these models are less expensive than the classic high shelters. They are light and removable. They are equipped with easily unfolding / folding canvases. You can even leave them above the pool during wintering.

A low enclosure for an above ground swimming pool : models of this kind could be fixed only on the swimming pool deck or on the coping. If this suits you, you can opt for a low lift or telescopic shelter.

The flat shelters are only reserved for above-ground wooden swimming pools, because these are equipped with the copings necessary for the fixing of the protective structure. There is a range of models that adapt to the shape of the basin (rectangle, hexagon, octagon etc.).