Button “2” – Rainbow Party

Pinterest was the main source of my ideas for the Rainbow Party & the No.2 Button was one of them.

This is how I made it.


  1. Hard Cardboard
  2. Paint (optional)
  3. Buttons
  4. Ribbon
  5. Hot Glue Gun

I freehand draw a 2 on the cardboard.
It took me a few times to get it right.
(I am a terrible drawer)
Cut out once right!

I painted the 2 because I knew there would be gaps & I didn’t want the brown cardboard showing through.
You could cover it with coloured cardboard.

Get all the buttons ready.
I do have a large collection of them, but you can buy them in bulk from craft stores.
Look in the Dollar Baskets.

Hot Glue them on anywhere.

Attached Ribbon on back with Hot Glue for Hanging

All done!