Can we freeze fresh cherries with the stones and how to carry out this gourmet mission?

Are you a fan of light desserts made with seasonal fruits, especially cherry clafoutis? It’s perfect because the season for these small red fruits has arrived, and we can eat them almost without moderation! Alas, that won’t be the case in the fall and winter when those luscious, vitamin-packed gems are gone… In fact, nowadays, you can consume them all year round as long as you plan! Freezing cherries for later enjoyment is super smart and doesn’t require a lot of effort. So, without further ado, here’s how to succeed in this gourmet mission!

Can you freeze fresh cherries with the stones?


The shortest answer to the question “Can you freeze fresh cherries with the stones?” ” is yes. This is a matter of practicality because, in most cases, we use cherries straight out of the freezer. The explanation for this is that freezing them before using them is not required in many cherry dessert recipes. We, therefore, skip this optional step for reasons of convenience.


Of course, you can choose to freeze the cherries whole, that is, with the stones, but be aware that you will not be able to use them immediately after taking them out of the freezer. You will need to let them thaw to be able to pit them. Only then can you incorporate them into your pies, ice creams, breakfast smoothies, and any other kind of treat you want. So if you don’t want to wait, save some time later and do this step now.

Therefore, we can freeze cherries with or without pits, depending on our preferences and the time we can invest in the given moment. Anyway, if you choose to remove the pits, please first teach yourself how to pit cherries easily to make your job much easier. So, can you freeze pitted cherries? With the right strategies and the right instruments, certainly yes! By the way, the same goes for freshly picked cherries.

If you have a cherry pitcher, take advantage!


Can you freeze cherries, and how?

After clarifying whether You can freeze cherries, the most relevant question becomes: “How?”. ” More precisely still, how to go about preserving the maximum of their delicate texture and especially of their supreme taste qualities? Here are some guidelines to follow to complete this delicious task.


The first step to be taken is the same for each fresh product to be frozen at home: you must wash it well under cold running water. Then drain them well and spread them out on a few sheets of paper towels to remove any residual moisture. This last step is crucial to preserve the fruit in good condition.

This is where you need to remove the stems from the cherries. The reason is that the small stems on their part help to preserve the freshness of the fruits. As additional information, you can keep and dry the tails too. You can then prepare herbal teas to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections, including cystitis.

How to freeze pitted cherries at home?

Then, it is high time to proceed with the freezing of the cherries themselves. You probably think that putting them in a zippered plastic bag, squeezing the air inside, and putting them in the freezer is all you need to do. In fact, in this way, the fruits freeze irregularly, which is not recommended.

It is better to spread the fleshy berries out in an oven dish and put it in the freezer. So all the cherries will be evenly exposed to low temperatures and will freeze simultaneously, which is beneficial. Then, you can calmly transfer them to an airtight bag in a few hours and put them back in the freezer.

Other useful information to consider

Keep in mind that freezing cherries in this way preserves the quality of the fruit for about a year. It’s quite sufficient when you think about it because the following summer, we will have access again to freshly picked cherries. We will be able to consume them at will and repeat the process described in the paragraphs above.

Another question that people ask themselves quite often is: can you freeze cooked cherries? Yes quite! However, this approach is not as popular because, after heat treatment, jams, jellies, syrups, marmalades, and so on are normally prepared. Of course, sugar must also be added to these preparations, which is unnecessary when choosing to freeze fresh cherries directly.

Finally, can we freeze cherry clafoutis? Yes, it can, but you need to make sure the pie is wrapped tightly in cling film before freezing. In addition, you should only keep it for a week or so.

You can freeze a cherry clafoutis, but it only lasts for about a week.