Country wedding outfit for 50 year old woman

The wedding season is back with a lot of pretty looks to copy for the occasion! Not always too easy to make up your mind in the dressing room? Country wedding attire for women 50 years old pants, skirt, dress or jumpsuit? Whether you are the bride, the mother of the bride-to-be or one of the guests, we show you how to achieve your formal look flawlessly. To your notebooks!

Which country wedding outfit for a 50 year old woman to choose?

In recent years, the trend of country weddings has continued to gain in popularity! Spending an unforgettable moment under a romantic arch decorated with flowers in the company of their loved ones makes future brides dream. But since the ceremony is often in the middle of nowhere, you don’t really know how to dress. The task becomes even more difficult when it comes to country wedding attire for women 50 years or older. In this case, you have to be tricky by choosing a look that is rejuvenating and a style that does not fall into vulgarity. Likewise, it is important not to hide in shapeless clothes. On the contrary, it is better to opt for adequate clothing that conceals small flaws, while enhancing your strengths.

Wedding outfit for 50 year old woman: pantsuit

The pantsuit is an excellent compromise between a classic and modern wedding outfit. It allows you to adopt a chic and cool look that goes as well with a country wedding as with other significant events. If you wear it with heeled sandals, choose a nice drape to lengthen your legs and stretch your figure. The fitted jacket will perfectly highlight your chest. You can also bet on a slightly oversized wool or cotton suit to hide your complexities and curves. Chosen in white, beige, pale pink or pastel tones, the pantsuit deserves a good accessorization. So, let loose on feminine details like jeweled heels, flashy bracelets, trendy sunglasses, a basket handbag. or a woven straw pouch.

Structured dress – the perfect round 50s wedding outfit for women

Put on your 31, while assuming your curves! This is a real challenge when you are invited to a wedding! To remedy this, it is better to bet on safe values ​​such as the little black dress, for example. Very often, when we are round, we make the big mistake of taking refuge behind loose and flowing clothes. The best parade? Opt for pieces that highlight the strengths of your figure. That is, choose a wrap dress when you have a pretty chest, but you want to conceal your little tummy and thighs. When it comes to color, there’s nothing like slimming black. To make it more chic and festive, don’t forget to accessorize it. Nature being a focal point at a country wedding, choose mid-length (or long) dresses in light tones (beige, gold, silver, peach pink, salmon pink, pastel colors). On the other hand, stay sober on the rest (accessories, shoes, makeup, etc.). Finally, be tricky with sculpting lingerie to really feel on top!

Wedding attire for 50 year old mother of the bride

Has your daughter decided to get married or get engaged? And rather than rejoicing, here you are panicking because you don’t know what to dress! Between the country theme, the wedding venue, the more or less formal character of the party and all your daughter’s friends in front of whom you have to look good, the choice of a chic country wedding outfit for women can quickly turn into a brain teaser. To display a dynamic and practical look, nothing like the jumpsuit! In cotton or satin, printed or plain, the jumpsuit is a timeless all-in-one piece that allows you to stay both chic and casual. When you wear it in ceremony, it must be well accessorized. For this purpose, opt for flashy and imposing jewelry. Heeled sandals adorned with rhinestones, chain necklace,

Which wedding dress for a 50 year old woman?

Contrary to popular belief, getting married later has many advantages. And one of those is that you are aware of the pieces that make you look good. Whether it’s your first wedding or not (you will be reminded that Elizabeth Taylor said “yes” seven times in total), you should feel beautiful and comfortable enough in the 50-year-old wedding outfit you have chosen. . Fortunately, there are a multitude of country chic wedding dresses for mature women! When making your choice, it is important to think about your strengths, but also your flaws. If you don’t like your back, then forget about the backless models. On the other hand, if you find your arms a little too big, opt for a country wedding dress with long lace sleeves. On the color side, white is allowed, but soft and pastel tones are in the spotlight.Lavender purple , pale pink and pastel mint green are just a few of the rejuvenating hues!

Wedding attire for 50 year old mother of the bride

Floral bodycon dress, knee length

Wedding dress for 50 year old woman

Long floral dress with a band around the waist

Fluid dress with floral patterns

Long white asymmetric dress with black flowers 

Long-sleeved fluid dress, floral print, knee length

Long floral satin dress with a pretty plunging neckline