DIY baby shower decoration – original ideas for girl or boy

How to make your own baby shower decoration? 30+ cheap, original, and easy to imitate ideas!

If you are one of the guests at a baby shower your number one concern is probably the perfect baby gift. This time, are you the one who is pregnant? First, congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times in every woman’s life and definitely needs to be celebrated! So, it’s your turn to organize a party and invite your friends who will bring you gifts. Running out of baby shower theme and decoration ideas? Certainly, you have come to the right place because we have compiled the best decoration proposals in the following photo gallery!

Homemade baby shower decoration with balloons or garlands

Let’s start with some original cheap baby shower decoration ideas that are easy to achieve, yet super cute. Rest assured, the do-it-yourself decor is not rocket science when you are armed with good ideas and creative inspiration. For example, inflatable balloons cost pennies but when you have enough and when their colors are matched they can easily become the piece of resistance of your decoration. Check out the video below to find out how to make your own totally eye-catching balloon arch!


Another inexpensive baby shower decoration idea is making your own ornamental garlands. These can be made of colored paper and take the form of a classic pennant garland. You just need to cut out identical triangles from sheets of paper in any colors or patterns you want and secure them at equal intervals along a wire.

Textile is another popular material for making original garlands and it is not difficult to handle either. Homemade baby shower decoration made from fabric ribbons is impressive and not expensive at all. In fact, you can recycle an old T-shirt or shirt and turn them into attractive, artistic, and eco-friendly garlands!

Greenery is another inexpensive, if not free, resource that you can take advantage of for your baby shower. The so-called eucalyptus baby shower decoration looks downright fantastic and at the same time, it is not at all difficult to put together. Its color palette includes sage green and white, with a few touches of gold or silver.

Other cheap but impressive baby shower decor ideas

Of course, eucalyptus isn’t the only herb you can use. Palm and fern leaves, among others, are perfect for tropical style or nature-style celebrations. Likewise, you can make flower wreaths and hang them on the wall, decorate the table or sideboard with them, include them as designs for invitations, and so on.

By the way, you can swap the actual garlands for a few baby bodysuits, bibs, camisoles, or socks attached to a rope with wooden clothespins. The idea is just adorable, and you’ll only be using material that you put to use once more in a few months, right?

Then, DIY paper fans are ideal if you want to decorate a space with almost no expense. With the help of a few ice cream sticks and colored sheets of paper, your living room will turn into a magical scene. Take a look at the following video and make sure this fun manual activity is really easy as pie!


An inexpensive decorative alternative that should not be underestimated is the use of paper doilies. You can enjoy them as is or tint them in any shade you want to match the backdrop in the room or whatever color scheme you have chosen for your baby shower …

Paper doilies tinted in pastel colors for a cute homemade decor

What colorful theme for a baby shower?

To make your special party look cohesive, determine a theme and try to stick to each element. The unifying theme can be colorful or inspired by a style of decoration, a character, a place, etc. There are no hard and fast rules about this, it is basically a matter of personal preferences and subjective possibilities.

Ideas of color palettes for baby shower decoration

As you know, some colors are considered rather feminine and tones that are mostly associated with boys. For girls, consider the pink and gold, pink and gray, or white and gold baby shower decor. Of course, you can go for any other color imaginable, but these colorful combinations look particularly attractive as an adornment.

Water green, white, and navy blue baby shower decoration for little boys

Water green and navy blue are perfect for becoming the stars of your colorful boy theme. Combine them in white, orange, yellow, or gray to perfect the color palette and master boy baby shower decor. Moreover, purple turns out to be just as elegant, soft, and somewhat noble when it comes to “male” festive decorations.

Keep neutrality thanks to the pastel-colored baby shower decor

Also bear in mind that pastel colors and yellow-gray and orange-green duos are neutral, i.e. unisex. You can therefore enjoy it for girls and boys, as well as for a mixed baby shower decoration. This one is perfect for opposite-sex twins or when you don’t want to know the baby’s gender before birth.

Neutral color palettes are also very useful if your main goal is to escape the banality of pink and blue baby shower decor that seems to be ubiquitous. The other possibility is to simply avoid candy pink and sky blue by opting for the marriage of less common shades such as Rose quartz and Serenity.

White and gold baby shower decoration with sage green and natural wood accents

Funky neutral decor dominated by crisp white, natural wood, and greenery

Marine themed baby shower boy decoration idea in blue, white, and gold

Usefully, the yellow and gray baby shower decoration works for girls and boys

Mixed baby shower decoration in pink and blue when you do not know the sex of the baby

Are you expecting twins of opposite sexes? Opt for the pink and blue baby shower decoration!

Country chic baby shower decoration ideas, animal or Disney theme

This country-style buffet is absolutely magnificent!

This is how to materialize a camping atmosphere in your own living room

Bib tree for the boy on the neutral background of the chic country sideboard

Make a burlap front door wreath to receive your guests in style

The jungle or savannah animal baby shower decoration is currently super trendy

A baby shower decoration in neutral tones with an elephant-patterned garland

The unicorn baby shower decoration is one of the favorites for future mothers of girls

You can make your own awesome decorative items from ordinary items

The Disney baby shower decoration remains a must-have classic for themed parties

Mickey Mouse pennant garland in the typical colors for the character

Even the cupcake boxes are the perfect match for the main party theme!

Owl baby shower decoration that you can easily put together yourselves

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