I’ve always loved Confetti System’s party decorations, but have never been able to afford them.

My first attempt was the pyramid-shaped ornaments. Here’s how I created them:

Supplies:  Sturdy paper (I used some extra watercolor paper I had laying around), string, a needle, scissors, metallic paper, tissue paper, double sided tape, regular tape, glue.

Step One: Follow these video below to create the initial pyramid shape out of your paper.

The bottom will be open. Insert the needle and thread through the bottom of the pyramid and back out through the point at the top. Make sure you’ve tied a knot in the end of the string so that it doesn’t come the whole way through.

Step Two: Thread the needle back into a new hole in the top of the pyramid. Leaving a loop of string at the top of the pyramid for hanging purposes, tie another knot in the string on the inside of the pyramid.

Step Three: Cut your metallic paper into one-inch strips using a paper cutter or your scissors.

Step Four: Stack the cut metallic paper into piles of three or four and cut fringes into it.

Step Five – Cut the fringed metallic paper to match the width of one side of the pyramid at the bottom. Cover the side in a thin layer of glue and begin placing strips of the metallic paper on the glued side. Start at the bottom and work your way up, layering the fringed paper.

Step Six – For the very top strip, cut the fringe so that it is a bit shorter and place it at the very top of the glued side of the pyramid.

Step Seven – The edges will be rough. Trim them so that they are even with the glued side of the pyramid. They will look like this when you are finished:

Step Eight: If you’d like to put a bottom on the pyramid, place it on a piece of the same sturdy white paper and trace the shape of the bottom with a pencil.

Step Nine: Cut out the traced shape.

Step Ten: Cover the shape in a thin layer of glue and place it on the bottom of the pyramid like this:

Repeat on each side, alternating between tissue paper and metallic paper until all sides are covered. Hang and enjoy!┬áThe whole thing took me about an hour, although I’m sure that since I know what I’m doing now any others would go much more quickly. I can probably work on them here and there until the holidays roll around. I think these would be great for New Year’s decorations too and even parties.