DIY Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

What wedding table decoration was to make yourself? Focus on the latest inspiring trends

Whether you’re throwing a glamorous party for 300 or an intimate micro-wedding with friends , there are plenty of ways to cut costs without compromising on the beauty and splendor of your themed adornments. From large and intricate centerpieces to small DIY projects, you can leave your personal mark on the summer wedding table decor and wow your guests. Take a look at the latest trends for inspiration!

Summer wedding table decoration to make yourself as an alliance of personal creativity and summer vibrations

Tired of traditional decoration? Don’t worry, you’ve just stumbled upon a cornucopia of ideas when it comes to livening up the focal point of your reception tables. There are endless ways to bring summer to life, the magic of which usually resides in the centerpiece. A bright or sunny color palette is reminiscent of the bright side of the season, but don’t be afraid to also opt for a range of muted shades to play on the softer side of hot days. Whites, subtle pinks and taupes can mimic the serene, tranquil elegance that sets in the golden hour when you sit down for formal dinner.

The textile table runner is old-fashioned

Indeed, you can change the fabric to more accurately reflect the style of the day, with a floral garland of lighter colors for a natural outdoor wedding or with lush greenery for simplicity.

Wedding table decoration with natural flowers

Tie branches and stems of seasonal plants – think tongue-and-groove or magnolia leaves – and create sprigs of different lengths to use on each table. From streaks of vegetal moss and ivy, to eucalyptus stems, rushes of olive branches and flower petals, spectacular table runners don’t strain the wedding budget. Optionally choose a stand that best matches the style and theme of your party, and skillfully meander it across the tables for a professional presentation.

Simple wedding table decoration inspiration

Arrangements with fresh flowers and various plants

Looking for a more unexpected look? Go for something reminiscent of a warm climate and adds a touch of light, like wildflowers on the mountainside or tropical greenery. However, while flowers and leaves are an easy way to add sparkle to summer wedding centerpieces, there are plenty of other ways to add a touch of brightness.

Wedding table decoration with dried flowers

In small vases, arrange a handful of your favorite flowers that are easily accessible, such as roses, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath. Make sure you have some sharp floral scissors or gardening scissors, your hands will thank you! Try to stick to one type of flower. One stem per container has a charming look for an eclectic tabletop landscape.

DIY table decoration wedding nature

Who doesn’t love potted plants? The perfect DIY project for your summer wedding table decoration involves the use of an original container, the planting of pretty flowers or herbs to create an ecological and economical centerpiece. Potted plants bring a refreshing, earthy touch to more conventional flower arrangements. In addition, they can continue to live in your home or garden after the celebration, as memories of the big day. For example, plant fresh basil and daisies in quirky retro tins to add a splash of color. However, be aware that simple terracotta is still at the peak of rustic elegance.

Widely available and offering a wide variety of types, eucalyptus is the most reliable greenery when it comes to wedding decoration. Depending on the type of tables you have chosen for the reception, you can lay loose sprigs, fashion a garland, or form a wreath of branches around floating candles.

Bring the desert straight to the table with miniature cacti! Perfect for a bohemian couple, you can personalize this trend by placing mini pots of any variety, from prickly pear to Peruvian apple, among candles and metallic tableware for an ultra-modern design.

Fancy a little DIY adventure? Create unique arrangements in large bells for a forest or garden inspired party. Take it a step further by using smaller bells on the tables for something unexpected.

Palm leaf centerpieces combine coastal and classic spirit with a hint of modern. While the leaves themselves have beachy energy, the white flowers and glass vases balance the effect with a contemporary design.

Organics are very popular this summer, with pampas grass in the lead. Bring a bohemian vibe to a seaside wedding with centerpieces featuring this magical plant, buttercups, peaches and blush flowers. Feminine and flirtatious, this tall focal point can combine pastel blossoms and greenery with a spray of natural colored stems.

Romantic summer wedding table decoration

These flower and sand centerpieces are simply gorgeous. They will bring both simplicity and romance to your reception. In this DIY project, you could use artificial flowers as well.

Chic nature wedding table decoration

Glass arrangements, like terrariums, add a unique touch to your decor, whether filled with air plants or a bit of living greenery. Look for a collection of do-it-yourself containers for a completely personalized look.

Unique place cards and table numbers

Planning a rustic party? Stained wood blocks in a color of your choice are a relatively quick and easy project for anyone! Use them as a way to identify table numbers.

The seat-mark inherently open to a DIY project. You can use just about any object that matches the theme, as long as you can write on it or it can hold a map – from leaves and stones to crystals and oyster shells.

Country wedding table decoration idea

The presence of fruit in the summer wedding table decoration is becoming a predominant trend

Reception tables are increasingly invaded by an exotic trend: centerpieces with fruit. Some couples choose to ditch flowers in favor of them, while others prefer to incorporate both elements into their decor. Either way, it looks like these two types of couples are on the right track. Paired with lush blooms, fresh fruit can enrich the natural design of a centerpiece and capture the beauty of each flower.

Perfect for a summer wedding, incorporating cut fruit into the table landscape is a foolproof DIY, whatever your budget! Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to add dimension, texture, and color, as well as visually connecting the table composition.

Are you planning a summer wedding in a sunny location? Garnishing the table with pineapples takes little to no up-front preparation other than buying for a quick and kitschy set-up on the morning of the big day.

However you cut them, using citrus is a great way to brighten up the party. Line clear glass vases with thick or thin slices of lemons, limes, or even oranges, or keep them whole and fill the containers to the top.

Geodes give a touch of luxury to the festive decoration

Geodes, stones, and crystals are one of the hottest trends in the wedding world right now. These magnificent rocks can be easily incorporated into any style of summer wedding table decoration: rustic, boho chic, modern, glam, geometric, etc. Are you unsure of how to handle them? Here are some cool ideas.

It’s time to practice handwriting! Geodes bring a certain modernity to the design of the wedding; paired with a handwritten menu or place card, it’s the perfect touch of simple personalization for a bohemian decor.

Agate slices can be used for place cards, table numbers and just for a bold statement on the table. Pick agates in the colors you like and suit your wedding shade palette, and order calligraphy. Make golden edges because this way the agate slices look particularly refined. Sliced ​​agate napkin rings will give your tables a beautifully sophisticated look.

Colorful candles for more vital energy at the table

Colorful conical candles are particularly useful for creating a pleasant ambience. You can line them up along the reception tables. Candles in blush tones invite romance, pastels add whimsy to any decor, neutrals are rustic, and dark hues like burgundy or black add a touch of drama and evoke warm summer days. summer.

Pastel color wedding table decoration idea

The twisted torch candles are real beacons of light on the summer table. Pastel hues of blues and pinks in golden candlesticks represent breathtaking decor, neutral tones of beige and light woods impart rustic charm, and navy blues or blacks with ornate brass chandeliers evoke opulence. exquisite.

Taper candles are also a great way to make a tabletop landscape more cohesive, matching them to your dinnerware or centerpieces, or to boost themes, especially the summery theme.

Raw wood slices as a rustic or rustic wedding table decoration

Many couples today choose a rustic wedding theme. There is one great detail that can fit into this theme and will save you money – the slices of wood. The latter are super affordable and can be used in many ways: placemats, menus, cards, gifts, plates and so on, even if you don’t have any craft skills.

Wood slices are perfect for any type of centerpiece. It’s a great way to present your decor: candlesticks and candle lanterns, Mason jars and Mercury glass vases, all kinds of bottles, assorted flowers, table numbers and much more. Create a woody-style centerpiece with a slice of wood, moss, and various plants in a bark-wrapped vase. There are actually a lot of ideas to be done here, it all depends on the style of your wedding and what you want to achieve.