Over the past few months there has been a ton of interest in my “Do What You Love” poster. Some people want to know how to make while others want to buy it. Well today I hope to make all of you happy!

For those of you that want to DIY this piece I will give you some step-by step instructions.

Ok, now to the tutorial. There are no pictures because I had no idea this piece would be so popular.

1. Cut foam core to fit your frame.
2. Cut tissue paper into randomly sized squares and overlap them using Mod Podge to adhere them to the rim of your foam core. You can see how this looks in the close up below.

3. Cut out a piece of fabric that is slightly smaller than your foam core. You could also use paper or poster board here. I cut my fabric to be somewhat irregular and jagged to add to the texture of the piece.
4. Adhere your fabric with spray adhesive and hot glue.
5. Cut your letters out of magazine pages. In order to make sure all my letters were the same size I cut the magazine pages into 3in X 3in squares. Then I drew my letters to make sure they took up the entire square. The word “LOVE” was cut from 4in squares making it slightly bigger.
6. Adhere your letters with hot glue.
And there you have it- an inspirational piece of art that you can create or buy to enhance your home!!