Easy mother’s day flower bouquet ideas to make at the last minute

This year,  Mother’s Day falls on May 9 in the US, that is to say, next Sunday. Have you already chosen an original gift and a greeting card, and yet you have the impression that something is missing? So, it is perhaps the essential Mother’s Day bouquet that also deserves special attention. And in this context, the editorial staff of Deavita.fr is always at your side to provide you with some original last-minute ideas. But before accessing it, we will first reveal the top 5 flowers that go perfectly with this splendid occasion.

Top 5 types of flowers to favor for Mother’s Day

Offered individually or accompanied by a personalized gift, the Mother’s Day flower bouquet is an integral part of this special occasion. However, it is important to know which flowers exactly favor designing a pretty outfit that is right on-trend. So, read on for the top 5 most common and most suitable species for Mother’s Day.


Possessing many meanings, each of which differs depending on the color chosen, tulips are one of the most popular choices and are distinguished by their feminine and delicate appearance. Purple shades represent royalty, while red symbolizes romantic love. Pink embodies affection and white – cheerfulness. There is a wide variety of tulips, so you are sure to find the perfect species!


It’s no secret that caring for the orchid can become a real headache, but once the techniques are mastered, you will enjoy spectacular flowering for a long time. So, if mom likes challenges, new trends, bright colors, and exotic styles, don’t hesitate to opt for this graceful plant which comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. Whether it’s a potted orchid or individual flowers incorporated into a lovely bouquet, surprise and charm are guaranteed!


Do you know the story of the origin of Mother’s Day? So, you might be surprised to learn that carnations played an important role in it. In 1907, to pay homage to her mother, who died two years ago, Anna Jarvis (who created this lovely holiday) sent 500 white carnations to all the mothers in her congregation. On the one hand, the color pink specifically symbolizes the love of the mother. On the other hand, the pink carnation represents pure and unconditional love as well as good luck. In short, both variants will do.


With white, pink, red, and even purple tones, peonies are a great choice for a Mother’s Day flower bouquet. This plant with a lush texture can indeed have different meanings. From honor to good luck to happy marriage… Best of all, peonies can grow quite large, which guarantees you a pretty spectacular and colorful centerpiece.


A timeless flower appreciated by all women, roses are the great classic not to be overlooked. If you prefer rather classic gifts, we suggest you opt for a pretty bouquet with pink shades symbolizing appreciation, love, and gratitude. Red roses are rather to be avoided because they embody romantic love.

Last-minute mother’s day bouquet: how to wrap it in fabric?

Have you heard of  Japanese gift wrapping? Also known under the name Furoshiki, this method is chic, eco-friendly, and customizable at will! In short, we use a fabric of various colors and patterns to wrap gifts in an original and environmentally friendly way. And if you are tempted to give it a try, why not use it to wrap the Mother’s Day flower bouquet? To do this, you only need the fabric (50 cm x 50 cm) of your choice and some fresh flowers.

So, lay out the fabric on your work surface, forming a diamond. Then fold the bottom corner up. Fold again until the fabric is folded in half. Place the fresh flowers in the fold that has just formed. Bring the two corners together and tie a knot. Give your bouquet the finishing touches by adding a  Mother’s Day 2021 card, and voila!

Known above all for its zero waste aspect, the Japanese-style packaging adds a personal touch to the whole. We recommend that you favor rather minimalist fabrics and pastel colors while pairing them with the flowers.

Easy bouquet idea for Mother’s Day to assemble the last minute

If you think that arranging a bouquet for Mother’s Day at the last minute is a complicated or impossible task, think again! Here is a simple but charming idea that requires only the following elements: parchment paper, florist ribbon, scissors, different kinds of flowers, and pretty colored ribbons. To design composition in the spirit of the party, specialists advise choosing a color palette that embodies femininity and softness. We, therefore, opt for shades of pink, white, and magenta.

The first step is to lay out your flowers on paper to arrange them better. Florists emphasize putting down the larger leaves first and then filling in the empty spaces with the smaller plants. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, secure the bouquet with floral tape. Then wrap it in parchment paper. Finally, tie a pretty satin ribbon and, if necessary, fill your bouquet with more flowers.

Lilacs wrapped in custom paper

Giving a personalized DIY gift is a great way to show love and creativity. And nothing like Mother’s Day to design a pretty original composition. To do this, get a sheet of paper measuring 11 × 17 cm and personalize it by writing the word “mom” on it using a felt-tip pen. The use of acrylic paint of various colors is also possible.

So, once everything is well dried, place your flowers on the paper and wrap them to create a cone. Finally, tie the ribbon tight enough to keep the bouquet together. Cut out the excess, and your last-minute Mother’s Day flower bouquet is ready!

DIY mini bouquets of roses for Mother’s Day

This year, we focus on minimalism and the classic, and we offer mini bouquets of roses that can easily be arranged at home. To create a bouquet, get 4-5 white roses (or another color of your choice) and foliage (eucalyptus, for example) and cut their stems to the desired length. Then, secure the flowers together with a rubber band. Place them on a sheet of kraft wrapping paper measuring approximately 8.5 x 10.5 cm. However, the size should match that of the mini bouquet.

Wrap the mini bouquet in the paper following the instructions in the images above. Finally, fix the cone obtained using washi tape. If you ignore it, this one represents Japanese adhesive tape in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You will undoubtedly find the design that best fits the ensemble. Be careful not to overload the floral arrangement.

Mini bouquet of roses to wrap at the last minute: second variant with a personalized touch

While we’re at it, let’s take another look at a mini rose bouquet idea that you can customize according to your own desires and preferences. Once the flowers are arranged and secured with a rubber band, wrap them in tissue paper. Then get yourself a blank sheet of paper and personalize it with a  Mother’s Day poem or another touching message of your choice. Here you have two options: either print a sheet directly or write a poem yourself. Finally, all you have to do is wrap the bouquet in white paper and secure it with a ribbon. There you have it, nothing complicated!

Colorful paper for a composition that smells like summer

When it comes to last-minute packaging, all daring is allowed. And if you want to give more charm and cheerfulness to your floral arrangement, do not hesitate to opt for colored paper with various patterns. On the ribbon side, go for a neutral shade like nude and powder pink, for example. By the way, do not neglect the fascinating sunflowers whose distinctive and shiny appearance will bring more warmth and beauty to the party.

The simple idea of ​​a mother’s day flower bouquet to make in just 5 minutes

Let’s end our article with a wonderful Mother’s Day flower bouquet idea whose soft shades and delicate flowers are sure to be appreciated. As a bonus, arrange your small flowers by securing them with a rubber band. Then place the mini bouquet on paper doily. Bring one end over the other and secure it with hot glue. If desired, stick a mini ribbon, and you’re done!