Feather Headband – Rainbow Party

I knew I wanted something colorful in her hair because I had decided she was going to wear her white lace dress. This is how I made it.


  1. Colorful Feathers
  2. Elastic Lace
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Pearl Stickers(I got them from Spotlight, they are for Scrapbooking)

First I measured Ella’s head and took away 3cm. Cut the Lace to size

Hot glued the ends together.Of course sewing them together is also ok.

Arranged the feathers to look pretty.Hot Glued them on.

Added the pearl stickers with glue


Ok, so she hates wearing headbands. Too my disappointment!! I made the same with a hair clip.

Cut felt to size of hair clip,Hot glue all on.