Felt Flower Ball


  1. Polyfoam Ball – 100mm
  2. Felt – Maybe 10/15 sheets
  3. Dressmaking Pins
  4. Scissors
  5. Circle to trace
  6. Pen
  7. Ribbon (optional)

Step 1. Start by cutting out circles approx 5 cm, You can do what ever you like, but I would suggest that you try to use all of the felt sheet. I didn’t count how many I cut out. But it is a lot. I used about 15 sheets of felt. ( Lucky they were on sale)

 Step 2: Fold in half

Step 3: Fold it over again

Should look like this

Step 4:  Put the pin through the bottom on the peak.

Step 5:  Then pin onto the ball

Should look like this

Step 6:  Keep on going around the ball. Pin in different directions.

Then you should have a pretty ball. You can attach a ribbon to the top to hang the ball from a mantlepiece. Multi-colored would look cute too. I use mine as a center piece on the dinner table. Have Fun