Guilt Free Cottage Cheese Pancakes

First off, don’t let the cottage cheese scare you, these pancakes are AMAZING! I think I actually prefer them over regular pancakes, sounds crazy, but they are that good. The texture is great and the thing I like most about these pancakes is they are totally guilt free! I do not feel any shame while eating these pancakes because they are packed with protein. If you void the maple syrup and go with fruit, this is such a great low calorie breakfast. My dad, who is a very picky eater, tasted these and he  thought they were great! The flavor is perfect and and they have a sweet taste to them. I absolutely loved these and I will DEFINITELY have these all the time! I made the whole batch and put the remainder in the refrigerator and ate them for a snack and yes, it was the perfect snack! I have been wanting to try cottage cheese pancakes for such a long time and I adapted this recipe from Weelicious. Please, please, please try these,  you will fall in love!