How to make a piano shoulder bag

The piano tote is one of my bestsellers. It may sound completely irrational but I’m thinking of letting this particular bag design retire. So to celebrate, I made a piano bag tutorial.

Happy sewing!


1. Black fabric (one measuring 12″ x 14″ and another that measures 8″ x 14″ For the sides, two that measures 14″ x 2″ and one measuring 12″ x 2″ for the bottom)

2. For the lining, cut two pieces measuring 12″ x 14″. For the sides, two that measures 14″ x 2″ and one measuring 12″ x 2″ for the bottom.

3. Black webbing for the straps (21″)

4. White fabric (measuring 4″ x 14″) for the white keys.

5. Ten rectangular pieces (.75″ x 2.5″) for the black keys.

6. Magnetic snap set.


1. Sew your white keys using black thread. Trace the white piece with black pen and sew over these markings. Do not worry because the pen marks will no longer be obvious after sewing.

2. Take your black keys and fold three sides. Then place them over the white keys. The narrow folded side should be positioned 2.5″ from one side of the white keys. The order is 2 black keys, one gap, 3 black keys, another gap, 2 black keys, a gap, and the last 3 black keys.

3. Sew the black keys onto the white keys. I find this to be the most tedious part. After this, you will be able to finish the whole bag in about half an hour.

4. Take your black 14″ x 8″ piece and place it on top of the white keys, right sides together. You will join the keys to the rest of the piano bag at this point.

5. Now the front part of the bag will already be complete. Attach the sides and  bottom to this piece to finish the outer part of your bag. Turn it inside out.

6. Take your straps and position them on the top part of the bag.

7. Attach magnetic snaps to your  lining. You may place a pocket as well.

8. Assemble the lining, leaving a gap at the bottom. Insert the outer part and sew together.

9. Pull the outer part through the gap of your lining.

10. Stitch the top part of your bag. Sew the gap of the lining. And you’re done!

Congratulations, you just made a piano bag!

For store-related news, I will be making piano slings and piano pouches.