How to wear an oversized shirt without looking like a bag?

Let’s go for a new season that rhymes with new trendy looks to copy! So, after the woolen overshirt that we wore in winter, we focused on another essential piece of the women’s wardrobe: the XL cotton shirt. Wearing it in style has become quite an art. Open, tied, like a dress, with jeans or a skirt, it appears in a thousand and one ways. Here are all our tips and trendy look ideas on wearing an oversized shirt without looking like a sack of potatoes.

Summer fashion 2021: how trendy girls wear oversized shirts?

A true staple from the male wardrobe, the shirt is a trendy piece that we tend to forget. However, it deserves our full attention. Although it falls under the category of clothing basics, it can be the best ally of style as the worst choice of a look. That is why you must choose it with care. Easy to wear and so trendy when you choose the right model and know the dress codes. So, which shirt model to choose this summer? How to pair it with your favorite clothes? And above all, how to wear it in style? Here are some looks and many tips for building you a dream figure right in the current trends.

Where to find a good oversized shirt?

The oversize trend keeps talking about it. Of course, this summer, we wear our oversized “Camisa”! Asos, Bershka, Zara, Mango, H & M… the ready-to-wear brands are voluntarily succumbing to the XL trend by marketing numerous models of oversized and ultra-comfortable shirts. They offer a wide and varied choice to find your happiness. However, the traditional shirt can quickly turn into an oversized model. Just opt ​​for a size or two larger than yours. Another possibility? Draw from your sweetheart’s closet! Whether you’re shopping around or wanting to borrow it from your boyfriend, it’s easy to find.

Oversized shirt: how to choose it?

Before showing you how to wear an oversized shirt with style, here are some tips on how to choose it well. Needless to say, this is a piece of clothing that has been able to reinvent itself. Among all the color models, prints, stripes, and polka dots that we see everywhere, the white shirt obviously remains the most preferred model. And if you still think that it is only reserved for rigid women over the age of 45 workings in accounting services, think again quickly! The oversized white shirt, you can twist it as you want. Of course, the prints and vibrant colors are also encrusted to create a dreamy look. In terms of materials, oversized shirts in cotton, linen, and jeans offer pride of place in your summer wardrobe. The real revolution in the radius of this essential fashion, however, remains the cut! Ultra-long or crop top version, with or without sleeves, asymmetric or structured, the large shirt is constantly reinventing itself to amaze you!

The right combinations to wear it with style

How to wear an oversized shirt with style? You got it right! To adopt the oversized “Camisa” without any false note, you have to choose it well. Then all you have to do is pair it with your favorite clothes. Here are some good combinations to succeed!

  • Finding the right combination for the season is probably the best way to learn how to wear an oversized shirt in style. She goes with everything in summer with linen Bermuda shorts, a mini skirt, denim shorts, wide pants, or a satin dress. The only condition? Value your waist with a good belt! The most knowledgeable fashionistas don’t hesitate to transform the favorite piece into an elegant crop top by tying it at the front.
  • Wearing the wide shirt as a dress is another trendy look to pique trendy girls. However, you must make sure that the length of the model allows it. If it is rather short, we forget the heels, and we associate it with flat shoes (sandals, white sneakers, molds, etc.). We also avoid belting under paint to shorten the shirt further. On the other hand, if it is long or mid-length, the belt is a must. In this case, we can opt for heels without the slightest hesitation.
  • Wearing an oversized shirt like a jacket is a great way to spice up a look that’s a little too basic. This idea works particularly well with fluid and thick models in jeans or linen.
  • You can also put on your oversized shirt inside out for a maxi effect by putting the buttons on the back. Thus, you create a naked back to fall.

Oversized white shirt and ripped jeans

An oversized shirt is worn as a dress.

White shirt and pleated skirt for your walks in town

White shirt tucked into suede mini shorts

Asymmetric XL shirt with slightly ripped slim jeans

Here’s how to wear the white shirt to the office this summer

White crop top version shirt

XL white shirt tucked into black pants