How to Wear Women’s linen pants

What do you wear when it’s over 30 degrees?  More and more often, we ask ourselves this question, but the answer is not always easy to find.  However, there is a simple and effective solution that will save you from the summer heat.  We’re talking about linen! Whether you need to look professional, casual, chic, or all of the above, women’s linen pants will give you a fresh look and feel.  Indeed, linen is one of the rare fabrics to be ultra-breathable while remaining elegant.  If you have already adopted the linen summer dress, you are well aware of all the advantages of the material. Now all you have to do is enrich your wardrobe by adding yet another fashion piece of natural origin. Read on to learn how to style it without looking like pajamas.

20 ultra-trendy ways to wear women’s linen pants in summer

Whether you are going to work, on a date, to the beach, or just staying at home, the linen pants remain the must-have fashion item of the summer season.  Just make sure you iron it well.  These pants are for women who like to add a touch of comfort to their style without too much effort.  So, after the #noBra movement and the list of comfy shoes you’ve been presented with, it’s time to make way for the most desired bottom piece in summer. This is how to wear it!

Women’s white linen pants

White linen pants are the perfect base for every minimalist outfit. We know you can wear white jeans instead, but wearing linen pants adds that rare sense of casual elegance to your look. In short, it’s a must-have for every capsule wardrobe.

Depending on the occasion, you can combine it with a  women’s sailor top and moccasins or combine it with a t-shirt in a contrasting color. Another sure bet is the white and black combo that can be easily accessorized with a pop color lipstick or by adding a chain necklace. The belt is not to be underestimated either. Pair it with the color of your sandals for an even more stylish look.

If you want to have a high-level outfit that you can wear even at a dinner party, party, or business meeting, the best shoes to pair with white linen pants will be real leather, suede, or other high-quality natural material.

The white pants can also be found in a striped version. This option is ideal for women of short stature since the vertical lines visually lengthen the figure. You can combine the striped linen pants with a white shirt or with a top in a bright color that will give a sunny accent to your look.

Women’s black linen pants

For some people, black is a fashion faux pas during the summer season, but this color is undoubtedly the most elegant option. If you still want to achieve a casual look, opt for a “paper bag” type model in combination with a fitted crop top.

Do you go to the beach? Instead of your usual beach kimono, opt for a linen ensemble and a wide-brimmed hat. Complete the look with a woven bag and sandals.

Beige linen pants for women

If the hygge trend existed in the fashion world, it could be described with just one garment and that is exactly the beige linen pants! In fact, it is the natural color of linen. So, if you want a 100% ecological and responsible outfit, bet on this piece of clothing. In addition, it will combine perfectly with most of your fashion items. We simply love it!

The beige pants are also an incredible alternative to the business dress in summer. Pair it with a white top and you’ll be ready to go to work. Comparing with other synthetic materials, this garment is light, soft, and breathable. So you can enjoy it even on hot and humid days.

Colored linen pants

Most often, linen pants are beige, sand, or cream in color. However, you can find more colorful options. If this is your choice, we advise you to combine it with a top in a neutral color. Thus, you will bring out the design of the pants, which will undoubtedly be the star of your outfit.

The yellow linen pants give a bright air to any style of clothing. It can be styled boho with a few accessories and strappy sandals or wear it in a more elegant version with heels and a mini handbag.

Adding variety to your daily outfit will definitely give you and those around you a little surprise, which will probably give you a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and try on colored pants. The different shades of blue are ideal for a walk by the sea and will ensure a fresh and trendy look.

For an outfit that’s both adorable and professional, you can wear a button-down blouse with high-waisted olive green linen pants. Pair them with heeled or platform sandals. This outfit is not only stunning, but it also visually lifts your waistline, giving you a better proportion.

Which cut to choose?

The straight-cut women’s linen pants are the most common style and the easiest to combine. The reason is that it can be worn by all. It will suit more voluptuous curves (wide hips, plump buttocks, and plump thighs). This thanks to its cut which refines the legs and highlights the ankles.

If you wear wide, loose linen pants with an oversized shirt, your outfit might look like a pajama set. To avoid this catastrophic look, the linen pants must be associated with a fitted piece, in a contrasting color or add a trendy accessory – a piece of jewelry, a hat, or a pretty denim jacket.

If you are wearing wide-leg linen pants with a higher waist or with a belt, you should not cover these parts with a long shirt. In this case, it is better to choose a skinny top. The women’s high waist linen pants are perfect for curvy women with a small waist. This will showcase your enviable hourglass shape. Modern style is guaranteed!

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