How to Whiten the Bikini Line Naturally?

The bikini or pubic line is that area between the thighs that is exposed when a woman dons her bikini. Embarrassment can result when this area is darkened which cause some ladies to feel less confident. There are a number of reasons for darkened bikini lines; this can either be due to being exposed in the sun for too long, constant friction from underwear’s, genetics, shaving or dead skin buildup. But the good news is you don’t have to settle for this because there are some easy measures to keep the bikini line lighter.

Cucumber Juice

This vegetable actually has skin lightening properties which can also soothe irritations caused by repeated friction. Squeeze out the juices from cucumbers and apply it on the bikini area and leave this on for couple of minutes before washing. This will help the skin to eventually lighten after a few weeks.

Yogurt and Gram Flour

Mixing these two in the right amounts that can create a paste can actually be a good bikini line whitening solution. You can even add milk and turmeric for better results.

Lemon Juice

One of the most popular bleaching ingredients in nature is lemons. They are simple and on their own they can already do the job. Slice a piece of lemon and rub it in circular motions over the bikini area. Leave the juices on for a couple of minutes to let the citric acid do its work. With repeated use you can eventually notice some changes.

You can also mix lemons with honey, almond oil or milk powder to create a paste that you can also slather on your bikini line.

Orange Peel

Just like lemons, oranges also contain citric acid which makes them excellent natural skin whiteners. What you need to do is to dry orange peelings and grind them afterwards. To augment its action, mix this with lemon juice in order to create a paste. Apply this daily to lighten the bikini area.

Lime Juice

Another bikini line whitening solution that you can get from the citrus group is lime juice. You can mix this with flour and milk to create a paste that you can spread over the dark areas either on your armpit or bikini line.

Aloe Vera Gel

A fresh Aloe Vera gel can also be great for skin whitening for the pubic area. Apply this liberally and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

Tomato Juice

Who would have known that tomato juice is not only good for the heart but also aids in whitening the bikini area. You can actually mix this with oatmeal to serve as an exfoliating mixture which you also leave on to whiten the skin. Grated tomatoes with lime juice can also help do the trick. Make sure to leave it on for the juices to take effect.

Mint leaves

Get an unscented skin cream and mash mint leaves into it. Mint leaves have skin whitening properties and mixing it with creams can create a moisturizing and gentler mixture. You can also soak mint leaves in warm water and use it as a wash for the bikini area.
If these measures are not giving the results that you are looking for, you can visit your trusted salon for a bikini line bleaching treatment. These are fast and easy which would only require you a few sessions.