Because I seem to have an old lady’s body, I needed a light cardigan. I made a DIY cardigan, of course. This DIY light cardigan is just the right garment for keeping my body from going berserk. Bonus: this can be a great DIY beach cover-up, too.


1. Take one of your loose shirts and copy it’s size. From the tip of the sleeves, simply make a curve to the hem, as shown by the illustrations above.

2. The length is entirely up to you. If you wish to make a beach cover-up, though, I suggest that  you go long.

3. The front pieces are basically half pieces of the back panel but with added flaps. These flaps will give your cardigan that drape effect. The size of the flap is entirely up to you but I suggest that these be more than 12 inches from the middle point.


1. Fold and sew 1a and 1b. This will give your front opening a more finished look.

2. Take your front and back pieces and align the shoulders. With 2c and 2c meeting perfectly in the middle along 2a, pin the pieces right sides together. Sew.

3. At this point, you can choose to sew the sides of your front and back pieces, but not together. Sew from 3a to 3b. And again, from 3c to 3d. Take note, the front and back pieces should not be together; you are simply making sure that your armhole openings have that finished look.

4. After that, it’s time to sew the sides together. Determine your armhole size and sew along the sides, with the right sides of your front and back pieces together. My armhole opening was 8 inches from the shoulder tips.

5. Hem.

6. Fit.

7. Yes, you’re done.

Styling possibilities of your fun DIY drape cardigan: