Love Map – A Tutorial

This is the frame that I started with.

I had an old frame & sanded it back. I really wanted to paint it white but didn’t have any at home & I really HAD to make this right away.

I used some paper towel and rubbed it back to give it a little texture.

I was going to use the insert that comes with the frame, but the shape was wrong, so I decided to use the white backing paper that comes with the frame. (image below) Just make sure the picture doesn’t show through.

I found my 3 pages & ripped them out, then on another map or plain paper. I freehand stretched one half of a love heart.

Cut it out

Folded, traced & cut around the heart

With the maps, I intended on using I placed the heart over the exact spot where “we met”. I tried to place it in the center of the heart. I traced & cut in the inside of the pen line.

Pasted all three hearts on the white paper evenly.  Used Scrapbooking letters for the wording. Put the glass over the top. Hang & Enjoy!!