Magent Flower Tutorial

this is my first tutorial. i believed there are many similar tutorial out there that probably would have better pictures and description, but here it goes mine- the chase wu style, if you don’t mind. the magnet flower is very fun and easy to make. what you need: needle thread scrap fabric beads magnet ( you can find it that has tape on the back)

I picked up these two purple scrap fabric. you don’t need to worry about the length. you would want to fold them in half, no iron needed.

the magnet you buy would be the kind that shown above.

take the first piece of the fabric and run the running stitches on.

the running stitches would go a the way the the end. make sure the thread you use is longer, so you can run the second piece of fabric later on.

now, you want to pull the fabric to together. it will look like this.

work around with your fabric and try to gather it like a flower look.

after the gather, you want to use rest of your thread to stitch the back of the flower. what you are doing is, you are attaching the layers togther.

use your finger tips can help you stitch through the layers.

here you have your first fabric finished.

now, let’s work on the second piece of fabric. you would repeat the same step from the first fabric piece, but use the same thread. as shown from the above picture.

running stitches on the second fabric piece again.

pull the second fabric towards to the first fabric piece.

work your second piece of fabric around the first piece.

stitch through the two pieces of fabric. make sure that they are well attached.

now, your flower is finished and need to pick a bead to put in the center.

attached the bead to the flower

here is the flower, but is not done yet.

cut a piece of magnet and take the paper off. how big of piece? i would say, depend on how big of flower you made.

attached magnet to the flower you made.

there you have your magnet flower. i have mine on our fridge. if you don’t want to make it into magnet flower instead something else. you can use yo-yo to cover the back of the flower. you can make it into a flower bracelet, etc.