Mustard hair oil to slow down hair loss and boost growth!

A real taste booster, mustard is no longer reserved for your favorite dishes. Transformed into oil, this natural ingredient benefits your beauty and, more specifically, your mane. Black, white or brown, whatever the plant’s color, the oil extracted from it has many virtues for the scalp and damaged lengths. So here’s how to make the most of it!

Mustard oil for hair – a natural hair stimulant

Once considered a weed in the garden, black mustard is a natural ingredient and widely appreciated for the unique taste of its seeds which boost our dishes. Outside the kitchen, they are used to treat certain health problems such as respiratory infections and rheumatism. As for vegetable oil, obtained by the cold pressing of these seeds, it is trendy in India, used to manufacture many hair care products. In addition to garnishing your green salads, it prevents hair loss, nourishes damaged lengths, and effectively fights dandruff.

Extraction and particularities of mustard oil

After flowering, mustard dies and produces seeds. Once collected, these seeds are cold-pressed and transformed into vegetable oil. Less popular than coconut, castor, almond, and jojoba oil, mustard oil is unparalleled hair care for hair. This is why it is so popular in India and the Maghreb by local women who have used it for centuries. And it is not for nothing! It is a real treasure trove of benefits for the hair. So, if you fall for all that is natural, it is in your best interest to incorporate mustard oil into your beauty routine.

Properties and virtues of mustard oil for hair

Thanks to the essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9), mustard oil is perfect for all types of manes. However, it is intended to be particularly suitable for the care of dry hair. It is, therefore, nourishing oil that preserves the hydration of the hair fiber and makes the hair healthier, supple, and shiny. In addition, it contains vitamins A and E, good antioxidants protecting the hair from aggressions, and beta-carotene, essential for the assimilation of vitamin A by the body.

Besides fatty acids and vitamins A and E, mustard oil also contains zinc which plays an important role in the health and beauty of the hair. On the one hand, it contributes to a good synthesis of keratin and collagen (constituent proteins of the hair fiber that ensure healthy hair ) and, on the other hand, naturally, fight against dandruff thanks to its antiseptic properties. This is why it is not uncommon to find zinc in food supplements to beautify the hair and fight hair loss.

This precious oil also has a high erucic acid content. It is a fatty acid whose structure allows the oil to have a beneficial action on the hair fiber, which helps preserve the beauty of the hair. But it is especially for its effect on blood circulation that mustard oil is widely used to manufacture many hair care products. Considered a natural vagotonic, it strengthens the walls of the veins and thus improves blood circulation in the scalp. This toning effect not only stimulates hair growth but also boosts hair growth to fight against hair loss.


The list of impressive benefits of mustard oil on hair is quite long, as you can probably see. Consequently, its modes of use are also very numerous. Demo below!

How to use it to care for your hair and body?

Unlike other vegetable oils, mustard oil has an exciting yellow color. Thicker and viscous, it has an atypical and pungent smell that comes to our noses. Do not panic! It is quite possible to combine it with other beneficial vegetable oils. In synergy with castor oils and coconut, it is particularly recommended to stimulate hair growth. In dandruff, it goes wonderfully with berry oil and certain essential oils such as patchouli. To fight against hair loss, combine it with jojoba and chaulmoogra oils. Stimulating, fortifying, and nourishing, mustard oil revitalizes dull, limp, and brittle hair while hydrating dried lengths. As a bonus, it slows down the appearance of gray hair, just like bhringraj oil. Once applied, leave it on for a few minutes, not overnight!

Before you start skipping rope, mustard oil is great for warming up your muscles. Mixed with arnica oil and rose essential oil, it prepares the body for training and is very pleasant in case of muscle pain (or to relax you after a long day at work). Thanks to its heating and toning effect, it is very suitable for firming certain body areas. (thighs, legs, arms, buttocks, etc.). However, mustard oil is still quite potent and tangy. It should therefore be used in moderation, avoiding the skin of the face. The ideal is to dilute it in a neutral oily mixture. Small reminder: applying a few drops to a small part of the skin at least 24 hours before first use is a must.