Trendy women’s sneakers 2021

Trendy women’s sneakers 2021 – zoom on the most coveted models of the moment

You already have ten, if not twenty, pairs of sneakers in your closet, and yet it seems like you never have enough. How to start the summer holidays on the right foot? With a new pair of shoes, of course! But what are the 2021 trendy women’s sneakers to shop for? Here is a small shopping selection to give you an idea!

Trendy 2021 women’s sneakers: this season’s essentials

Formerly intended for the gym, sneakers now occupy a prominent place in the women’s wardrobe. They are everywhere and are unanimous, summer and winter. In imitation leather, platform, printed or plain, women’s sneakers are endless. Aesthetic and practical simultaneously, they impose themselves in force in the daily life of trendy girls who cannot do without them, and with good reason. Because it must be said that you quickly make your choice between putting on a new pair of sneakers and 4-inch pumps, in addition to being super comfortable, athletic shoes go with everything, we can therefore wear them without counting. With them, no fashion faux pas is not guaranteed. Want to find out how the fashion trends have simmered the sneakers of 2021? takes stock with a small selection of essential models that may make you fall for it!

The 2021 trendy white sneakers for women in the spotlight this summer

With the sneakers, do not joke! Some models are so popular that they have become essential models that every trendy girl must have in her closet. This is, for example, the case with the white sneakers, which come back each new season and have become sure values ​​for a successful outfit. No need to know how to wear them! They are adopted with their eyes closed and without the need for instructions. A tie-dye t-shirt or a white shirt, a pair of jeans, a pretty trendy handbag, and voila!

A brief overview of the new sneakers in the summer 2021 trend

This summer, make way for color. Summer sneakers want to be adorned with the most beautiful color palettes: pink, green, yellow, blue, etc. Pop tones appear on the feet of all fashionistas. For those who prefer originality, some models are adorned with iridescent and fluorescent colors. So, after eating gray, white, and black, we find the energy we needed. In addition to the colors, this year’s trendy sneakers will borrow the codes of sportswear. Eco-friendly and recycled materials are once again the tip of their nose. They come out of the gym to help you achieve your everyday looks. Another model that has become essential in recent seasons? The famous ugly sneakers ( Dad shoes ), democratized by Balenciaga a few years ago with its Triple S model. Its leitmotif? The more basketball is seen, the better!

As for the other 2021 women’s trendy sneaker models, we will also see the comeback of high-top sneakers. ( Blazer at Nike, Chuck Taylor at Converse, Walk’n’Dior Sneaker at Dior or Ralph Sampson 70 from Puma). They are making their comeback this summer, and it doesn’t displease you. For your information, the quilting found on the trendy bags of the moment will also be invited to the feet. Now that you are well informed, all you have to do is choose from the following 12 trendy models.

Trendy 2021 women’s classic sneakers in white

Luxury low top sneakers

High sneakers

Basketball sneakers

Nike Air Max women’s trainers

Tennis sneakers

Slip-on sneakers

Platform sneakers

Eco-friendly and sustainable sneakers

Trainers with a 70s spirit

Mix’n’Match sneakers

Sneakers to wear with a dress