wall art: light & airy (part 1)

I have been thinking about this one for a while. I have had pinwheels and paper airplanes floating around in my head and I have been working out what to do with them. I think that maybe the best projects for me are the ones that I daydream about and think on for weeks in advance. This is one of those projects.

So breezy and light. Inspired by air and wind and floating.

For the frames I used Krylon spray paint in Catalina Mist, Classic Grey, and Dover White, with coordinating grey and white fabric for the backgrounds.

I am going to break this up into two posts so it is not completely picture heavy. Today – the pinwheel art. Tomorrow – the hot air balloon and paper airplane. Sound good?

I just love these sweet little pinwheels. Made from felt and buttons, I think they give a modern and linear touch but still are sweet and soft with the vintage-y buttons.

Start by ironing fabric stabilizer to some white scrap fabric. You don’t have to do this part, but I didn’t want my fabric to shift in the frame.

Using the glass from the frame, trace a rectangle onto the fabric and cut out.

Insert the fabric into the frame and now you are ready to embellish.

I made the pinwheels using felt (from Papertrey Inc – my favorite favorite felt) and buttons that I have been collecting.

1. Start with a square of felt (For my three pinwheels I used 3″, 3.5″, and 4″ squares) and lightly draw lines from corner to corner.
2. Cut into the felt on one of the lines without cutting all the way to the middle. You should stop cutting about 1/4″ from the middle point where the two lines cross.
3. Cut the remaining three lines, taking care not to cut all the way to the middle.
4. Fold one of the corners down into the middle of the pinwheel and secure with a stitch (or hot glue).
5. Continue folding corners down and securing. Add a button in the middle.
6. All done and looking pretty!

Finish making your other two pinwheels.

Arrange on your frame and sew or hot glue down.

I love the colors, shapes, and textures. When I see these sweet pieces hanging in out little hallway, I smile.

Stay tuned for light & airy art (part 2) tomorrow.