What haircut for a round face? 20+ perfect looks to reduce the “baby face” effect

When you have a round or fat face, finding a haircut highlights it is no easy task. The task becomes even more complicated as we get older and the face’s volumes begin to change. So, what looks to adopt if you have rather plump cheeks. Contrary to what you may think, with a pretty baby face, there are several ways you can style your hair! The editorial of Deavita.fr gives you some ideas of haircuts for round faces to adopt to refine and lengthen it. Plunging square, layered cut, pixie, boyish cut … here are the most beautiful looks that go wonderfully with oval body shapes + some coloring ideas!

Round face haircut ideas to adopt and avoid

You don’t have to be a certain age to know how to highlight your round face. Lilly Cole, Selena Gomez, Michelle Williams, Cameron Diaz, Judi Dench… what do they have in common? A babyish face sublimated by a good trendy haircut! So, if you want to change your head (without necessarily cutting everything) to refine or lengthen your facial features, we have the solution for you! But just before showing you how to bring verticality to your face, here’s how to recognize a round face!

How to recognize a round or fat face?

It is true that, sometimes, determining the shape of his face can be difficult. To recognize a round face, nothing could be simpler. Just take a tape measure and quickly measure the distance from your chin to your forehead, then the distance between your two ears. If they are equal or nearly equal, it means that you have an oval face. It must therefore be harmonized with a suitable cut or hairstyle. The safe bet? Make an appointment with a hairdresser who will give you expert advice and help you find the hair look that suits you the most. The ideal is to bet on a long or mid-length cut, preferably layered, which lengthens the features and keeps the volume.

What haircut to enhance the round face?

Contrary to popular belief, a round or fat face likes all hair lengths, as long as they keep volume. To adapt your cut to the round shape of your face, it’s all about proportion. Plump cheeks, soft features, marked cheekbones highlight them with a look that will refine them by an optical illusion. In other words, when you have an oval face, it is necessary to work on verticality by providing volume on the top of the head and length at the nape of the neck. Long and mid-length cuts with a gradient are therefore to be preferred. Fans of expensive hair can opt for a blurred square or a boyish cut.

Adopting a tousled and rocky look that gains in volume will allow you to draw the eye rather to the mane than to the rounded lines of your face. Those who feel like cutting above the jawline, please keep some length on the top of the head by opting for highlights on the forehead with tapered or asymmetrical bangs. The plunging square is also particularly suitable for the round face. However, it’s best to avoid ultra-smooth and stiff cuts. The master word? Volume! And our favorite stars got it right. Selena Gomez, Léa Seydoux, Emma Stone, and Mila Kunis have found ways to reduce the “baby face” effect. While some have adopted the blurred bob, currently very fashionable, others have not hesitated to sport long, wavy hair.

Oval face and fine hair

Having fine hair is a hassle, and even the stars complain about it! But like with many things, you don’t choose your hair type, and not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy a gorgeous mane. However, be aware that the end does not necessarily mean flat. To harmonize the round face and give volume to the mane, the square cut is in the spotlight! Our tip? I prefer the plunging and slightly degraded square. Glamorous and easy to maintain, it will refine your face and bring movement to your hair a little flattened.

Oval face and thick hair

Do you have thick hair? So you are in luck! To break the roundness of your face, do not hesitate to taper your lengths to make a sort of gradient that will lighten your mane as well as your features. Women with wavy hair can go for a long or mid-length gradient.

Small forehead and oval face

To stretch the round face and conceal the small forehead, keep hair long and play with your hairstyle. Some trompe l’oeil looks like the high tail, and bun chignon is perfect for creating an illusion of an elongated and visibly more refined face. On the other hand, if you want to hide a forehead that is a bit too big and bring movement to the hair, go for a long section on the side or tapered bangs.

Haircuts for round faces to avoid

On the contrary, when you have a baby’s face, you should avoid cuts that tend to weigh it down. Straight, loose hair with a central parting doesn’t quite pair with this face shape. Say goodbye to the too short and stiff bob, the smooth pixie cut, and the bowl cut that highlights plump cheeks! This is why the hair straightener is to be forgotten. On the other hand, long, supple, and naturally wavy hair enhances round faces more. If, however, you necessarily want to go short, forget about the overly wise cut. Bet on a messy combo that will give character to the hair. A crazy, tapered boyish cut or a tousled pixie cut will do just fine.

Haircut for round face: side coloring

After choosing the cut that will best suit your round face, it’s time to enhance it with a good trendy colo. The ideal is to highlight certain strategic parts (tips, bangs, locks) with a light balayage two to three shades lighter than your base. “By playing with the nuances, you can make your hair more or less voluminous,” affirm the hairdressers. Balayage blonde on blonde, inverted, caramel, honey, ombré hair… you are spoiled for choice to enhance your new cut. Is your hair already too weakened by the multiple colorings that transform it into a bale of straw? Do you want to spice up your gray hair without damaging them? Nothing like the vegetable colo! It is also ideal for women who have not yet colored their manes but want to plunge.

What hairstyle for a round face?

If you don’t want to go through the coloring box to sublimate your new cut, you can also settle for a pretty trendy hairstyle and well suited to your face shape. So bet on the fasteners! Spike braid, ponytail (high or basic version), bohemian bun, bun, or blur … when you have long hair, there is no shortage of possibilities to style your hair according to the shape of your face. The rockabilly-style banana is also a good idea to consider. For the ladies who have gone short by adopting a bob cut, the only option remains the natural waves made with a salt spray or curlers. Heating devices are to be banned!

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