15 Beauty Hacks That Will Help You Look Exactly Like Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe‘s unique and astounding beauty has been the goal of many a makeup guide since she first appeared. Unfortunately, looking like Marilyn is a pretty difficult prospect. But thanks to modern technology, by which we mean Pinterest, it is possible to hunt down some of the more useful hair and makeup guides and skip out on the ones that make the models look more like Barbie dolls than Marilyn Monroe.

1. Marilyn Monroe hair tutorial

This one really looks close to Marilyn’s hair.

2. My Week with Marilyn hair tutorial

I’m not sure if it’s better to look like Michelle Williams or Marilyn Monroe, but this will get you a hairstyle that works for both of them.

3. Marilyn Monroe tutorial for long hair

Marilyn Monroe usually had pretty short hair.

4. How to get Marilyn’s curls without heat

Want to set your hair the way Marilyn did? (Or the way you would have to set your hair if you were in prison, like Morello on Orange is the New Black.) Try this heat-free hair-setting tutorial.

5. How to set pin curls like Marilyn Monroe

Phew, this looks complicated. For a truly authentic Marilyn style, try these pin curls.

6. Marilyn Monroe makeup supply list

These are apparently the supplies you’ll need for a decent Marilyn look.

7. Marilyn makeup tutorial

This look pays a lot of attention to getting that “sleepy” eye that was so much a signature of Marilyn’s iconic look.

8. Marilyn’s highlight map

Marilyn Monroe made good use of highlighter. This awkward Paintbrush map shows you where she put it, and where you should put it if you’re trying to copy her look.

9. Marilyn makeup guide

This would be useful to pin to the mirror on your elegant vintage dressing table. (You have one of those, right? I’m just going to imagine that you do and then live vicariously.)

10. The Marilyn Monroe eyeliner trick

Judicious use of white eyeliner along the waterline and outside the corner of your eye will make your eyes look like dinner plates, just like Marilyn’s.

11. Another Marilyn Monroe eyeliner trick

This one uses white eyeliner in a little V at the corner of the eye and blends it outwards to make eyes look bigger and brighter.

12. Marilyn eyebrow stencils

So many would-be Marilyns wax their brows into thin little parentheses, but Marilyn actually had significant eyebrows. These stencils are based on her shape, so you can draw in however much brow you like.

13. Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial

Wow, this makeup artist actually looks a whole lot like Marilyn Monroe. If you need some makeup tips, she can sure help you get there.

14. Scary Marilyn Monroe makeup

Wow. That’s terrifying, but also highly impressive.

15. Marilyn Nail Art

Marilyn didn’t have her own face on her fingers, but it’s still an excellent idea.

(Photos: Getty, Pinterest)