Beautiful farmhouse living room design and decor ideas

One of the keys to creating the perfect farmhouse living room is finding the right furniture. Casual and comfortable couches, rough-hewn barn-wood coffee tables, and natural decor elements typify the look. Since purchasing a whole new furniture set may be outside of your budget, making use of organically colored cotton or linen slipcovers, a few French country-inspired pillows, and thrift store find can go a long way towards altering your livingroom’s look.
But even if you currently live in an urban apartment, you can still create a cozy country farmhouse feel in your own home by including rustic antiques and a simple color palette. If you want to add some country charm to your home, the 50+ decor examples below feature quickly duplicated design ideas for your living room.

Cozy Fall Sitting Area Arrangement

Fall is a time for cozying up, and nothing spells out comfort quite like lounging around. Farmhouse style works excellent when aiming for a relaxed, seasonal look. A sitting area allows you to play around with multiple warm colors through pillows and throw blankets. End tables offer additional space for decorating, such as adding floral arrangements fitting for the season.

Cozy Fall Sitting Area Arrangement

A fun way to add a farmhouse vibe to your living room is to focus on the side tables. They work well as a focal point in addition to being able to house even more decorations to complete your style. This upcycling project is the perfect way to transform an ordinary table into something more rural and attention-grabbing. Adding some distressing is an excellent idea for giving it that vintage, industrial look.

Hand Painted Textured Clay Vase

The right type of greenery can create a perfect, laidback vibe in your living room. Rather than use standard vases, you can make a stunning textured clay vase to give the décor a personal touch. It’s practical as this project lets you upgrade an existing vase, and it’s charming too, thanks in large part to the texture the paint provides.

Simple Faux Greenery Floral Arrangement

You don’t need to use natural plants to bring that outdoor-vibe indoors. This décor takes you back to basics as it successfully uses faux greenery in a way that blends contemporary and country styles. You can further emphasize that with the right choice in a vase and placing additional decorative items around the arrangement. It can look great anywhere in your living room, from the coffee table to the smaller side tables.

Fall Inspired Fireplace Mantle Décor

A mantle is a beautiful place for those with lovely fireplaces to get started with your décor. Consider taking a seasonal approach without adding too much so that you maintain the overall simplistic farmhouse feel. A few faux pumpkins and some greenery can do the trick, making for an easy way to open the room up, so your family room feels even more inviting.

Wall-Mounted Apple Picking Basket

Who would have thought that something so straightforward as a soft apple picking basket could work out well for decoration purposes? Rather than apples, you can fill the bag with something a bit lighter, like cotton. Not only does it hang easier, but the cotton can resemble a fantastic floral arrangement. With a rustic backdrop, the cotton-filled bag further stands out.

Customized Framed Sheet Music Décor

Does your living room have a music area that’s dying for a little more love in the decorating department? Well, this project doesn’t take up too much time, and the result is gorgeous without going overboard. It’s common for a music-inclined household to have that one piece that speaks to them the most. Find that sheet music, give it a stunning, warm frame, and use it as décor. A neutral color can work best to stick with the farmhouse theme more.

Vintage Inspired Living Room Overhaul

Perhaps your entire living room could use that homey farmhouse touch. If so, you can use distressed wood from the walls to the tables to bring a vintage feel to the room. Don’t be afraid to go for a mixture of neutral colors. Shades of brown and white work well with each other, and it never hurts to add a pop of color with some throw pillows.

Modernized See-Through Hanging Industrial Lighting

Industrial and farmhouse go hand-in-hand when used correctly, and this hanging lighting fixture is the perfect way to blend both styles. It’s a see-through design so that it always looks good whether the light is on or off. If you have another rustic décor throughout the room, particularly lighter or neutral in color, this fixture can add an excellent contrast to the rest of the room.

Welcoming Bright Rustic Living Room Setup

Using a farmhouse theme allows you to bring some much-needed brightness to your home. This is easier done using bold white coloring throughout from the walls to the furniture. You can always add some distressing, particularly on any table in the room, to throw in some texture and give it a vintage feel. You are even using off-white color tones to enhance the room’s contrast so that it doesn’t look like one single color.

Classic Contemporary Accessory Décor Blend

If you enjoy the farmhouse style but don’t want to lean too heavily into a rustic look, consider blending some contemporary décor ideas. You can always have some wood or stone furniture inside the room, but the addition of modernized lamps, couches, etc., can transform the décor into something more updated and stylish. It helps to add a mixture of neutral colors and textures to create a better flow throughout the room.

Unique Eclectic Cinnamon Painted Sign

An exciting and fun way to liven up your living room décor is with an excellent painted sign. The twist to this piece is cinnamon that helps give it that farmhouse feel. Cinnamon blended into the paint creates a brownish and reddish tint for those neutral, muted rural color tones. It also provides the painting with a neat distressed appearance. Feel free to add any words of your choosing to the board for a personalized piece to hang up in your living room.

Warm Family-Centered Simple Fireplace Makeover

Fireplaces are always an excellent center point in any living room, so it’s the perfect place to start if you want to makeover the area. The mantle and the space above it offer so much room to play around, which is an excellent opportunity for you to make a family-centered décor piece using some favorite framed photos. You can also add some wooden-based décor items to cement the farmhouse style.

Vintage Distressed Farmhouse Coffee Table

A fantastic idea to add farmhouse décor to your living room is a vintage-inspired coffee table. If you have the space, consider opting for a more comprehensive table. It leaves an immediate impact on anyone who walks into the room, attracting attention thanks to its bright and bold white coloring and distressed wooden top surface.

Mixed Style Apothecary Cabinet Décor

Why stick to one style when you can blend a few while still leaving your décor with a country-like feel? Apothecary is a classic staple in terms of home projects. An upgrade can completely alter the appearance of one in the best way. White is the perfect color to bring some brightness to the room. It also gives you room to complement it with additional décor that can be a fun blend of modern, vintage, and farmhouse.

Personalized Wood Framed Wall Sign


Let everyone know what makes your house a home with this beautiful custom-made sign. It features a nice wooden frame, and the dark words against the white backdrop allow them to stand out proudly. You can select from four different sizes, and you can choose what single word you want to use to represent what’s most important to your home and family.

Snowy White Sherpa Throw Pillow

Available in numerous sizes, this snowy white Sherpa throw pillow is a beautiful addition to any farmhouse-style living room. Its bright white tone can contrast well in a rustic-like room, especially its downy texture. As far as functionality goes, this pillow cover is designed soft, so it will be as good to rest on as it is to look at and admire simply.

Distressed Wall Floral Sconce Décor

This white-washed, distressed wall hanging is the perfect accent to your living room. It can easily open and brighten up the room, while the distressed backdrop adds a comforting farmhouse style. You can select from several different flower bouquets to hang in the clear vase, a beautiful personalization option so the piece better blends into your home décor.

Rustic Wooden Slat Table Runner

Why settle for a traditional table runner when you can get this incredible wooden slat one instead? It’s a must-have for any farmhouse room. There are four different colors available to choose from, and the runner is designed in various lengths to fit your specific table. Each of the color options is distressed to emphasize that appealing rustic vibe.

Rugged Craftsman Cocktail Coffee Table

Your farmhouse-styled living room can make a statement with this large cocktail coffee table. Made out of solid pine and veneers, the table has a good deal of rustic charm thanks to the weathered nutmeg finish and rough texture. It looks remarkable on its own, but it can also be the perfect place to add different decorative items to your room.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

An incredible shabby chic look for your living room is easily accomplished with rustic colors and patterns. This living room features a beautiful dark wood floor complemented by a white and gray rug in a Moroccan design. The couch resembles a daybed, covered in white and gray blankets and pillows. The signs, vintage windows, and green plants make the room feel bright.

Rugged Barnwood Television Console Cabinet


This beautiful farmhouse décor is not complete without the gray walls, light rug, and brown accents. The entertainment center is made from rustic, raw wood with barn-style doors. The TV is mounted to the wall, giving storage space on the cabinet for a vintage basket, colored jar, and rustic lantern. The signs on the wall around the TV and the blanket basket on the floor only add to the warm feel of the room.

Boxwood Wreath and Recycled Window Display

This simple décor is easily added to your living room to give it that coveted farmhouse feels. The boxwood wreath and gingham bow perfectly accent the vintage, distressed window. The shelf under the window is also distressed, making it the perfect complement to the window. The iron lanterns and mason jar flower vases make them look complete.

Barnwood Chevron Accent Wall Decor

Coupled with the light couch, dark coffee table, and white entertainment cabinet, this accent wall is the perfect addition to any living room needing a touch of farmhouse flair. The chevron pattern is made from used barn wood that is cut to be angled in an arrow-type way. The three separate arrows are hung at an equal distance from each other, creating somewhat of a chevron pattern for your wall.

Large Antique Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

To amp up your farmhouse-style home, try using this idea for your coffee table. Instead of a standard table, use an old steamer trunk as a coffee table. Add a small platter and a mason jar full of flowers to the aesthetic. Plus, your coffee table can double as a coffee table and a storage trunk to put blankets, pillows, or other things inside when they aren’t being used. Set the trunk atop a light rug to make it pop off the floor.

Tufted White Couch And French Linen Pillow


This vintage living room idea is perfect for your farmhouse home. This white tufted couch is the ideal complement to the rustic décor. The wood basket full of green plants, twine balls, and more is beautiful against the light colors. The pillow on the couch works well with the entire room, tying in that farmhouse feel that more people are looking for today. The tin windmill type hanging on the wall works well with the giant clock, distress cabinet, green plants throughout the room.

Wooden Shelf for Farmhouse Living Room Designs

Perfect for the entryway to your living room, this wooden hanging shelf is ideal for storing books, plants, and more. The white wooden planks running vertically are suitable for making the raw wood shelves stand out on your wall. Use small, green plants, pictures, or books shown in the photo to put on the frame and bring color to your rustic living room.

Wooden Box and Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

If you need something to put on your coffee table to tie that rustic, farmhouse feel, this idea is perfect. The painted mason jars are great for white flower vases. When tied up with brown twine and placed in the wooden storage box, these flower vases are perfect for any farmhouse living room. Set the entire package on your coffee table for a simple yet elegant décor idea.

Antique Wooden Ladder Photo Display

A great way to store and display your favorite photos in your living room is with a ladder display. This shelf, made from a vintage ladder, is the perfect addition to any rustic or farmhouse living room. Each pane is equally spaced, giving you plenty of room to display your photos for everyone to see. The best way to hang it is to use L-brackets to bold it to the wall so it can’t be pulled over. Add black and white photos for a tremendous complementing look.

Shabby Chic Coffee Table with Rustic Accessories

This distressed coffee table is the perfect addition to your rustic living room. The white hue is bright and inviting, but the basket and metal birdcage are great complements to display on the top of the coffee table. Put books, a chalkboard, and a green plant in the basket for decoration, and add a green plant inside the birdcage for a new aesthetic in your living room. You can even store a metal basket and throw a pillow under the table for more decoration.

Pale Mint Coffee Table with Internal Storage

Sometimes you just need a pop of color in your farmhouse living room. This coffee table provides a small splash of color in mint green to complement the room’s gray, tan, and white hues. The light wood top on this table is the perfect addition to the room, and the internal storage is great for keeping things stored away and neat. Add a basket with a plant, pine cone, or twine ball inside for more decoration.

Recycled Rustic Barnwood Accent Wall


This rustic shiplap wall is an excellent idea for your living room if you like accent walls. Use reclaimed barn wood to cover the wall with various patterns and colors. This is also a great wall idea for use behind your TV or fireplace. Add pops of color in furniture or signs, and use rustic, iron lantern lights to the wall for a farmhouse flair.

Autumnal Pumpkin End Table Display

For the autumn season, you can create a farmhouse feel in your living room without giving up your beautiful whites, grays, and greens. Add a few baskets to your side table. Put in white and light green gourds and green plants in white jars. Add a sign that matches your lamp, and hang a wreath for a great autumn look that is simple and rustic at the same time.

Neutral Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

This living room idea consists of several great features like the striped couch, the white shiplap wall, the white chair, and the round coffee table. You can complement this room with an open face, a rustic cabinet full of beautiful glass bottles, or other items. Add several lamps, throw pillows, and afghans for a warm and inviting feel. A great way to add some color to the room is by adding a few green plants around.

Cozy Armchair and a Corner Quilt Display

Everyone loves a good, cozy armchair in their living room. You can achieve this by getting a white or light cover for your armchair, adding a few throw pillows, and a warm blanket. Add a ladder blanket rack behind the chair, a stool table with a lamp, and a few hanging items on the wall for a warm feel to the room. You can even add a cozy rug in front of the chair as a place to set the feet while sitting in the plush chair.

Wooden Table with Painted Milk Jug Base

This unique table is perfect for your farmhouse living room. Made from a painting vintage milk jug, this wooden table complements the farmhouse style. The tabletop is round, ideal for smaller living rooms. Add a glass jar with greenery inside and some books to create decorations on top. You can even make this table warmer by adding a rug underneath and a wire basket full of blankets.

Sweetly Intimate Primitive Livingroom Furniture

This living room is an excellent option for smaller living. The plush couch is a perfect complement to the dark wooden flooring. The light rug and round coffee table make the room feel more oversized but cozy at the same time. Add a few green plants, a chalkboard, and some metal vases to create a vintage farmhouse feel right in your living room.

Coastal Design Inspired Farmhouse Sun Room

Even if you live on the coast, you can get that beautiful farmhouse look in your home. Using whites, blues, and light greens, you can make your living room pop. Add a green wreath over your plush couch with throw pillows in various styles. You can have a reclaimed barn wood coffee table for storage as well. Add a few baskets full of things you love to make it personal and unique as well.

Microfiber Couch Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas


Sometimes you need a darker couch in your living room, especially if you have kids and pets. This dark brown couch looks excellent within the light gray living room walls. Add a matching coffee table, a few baskets from wicker or wire, and hang an old chicken wire door on your wall. You can even add texture to colorful throw pillows and a ladder shelf.

Cozy Slipcover Couch with Knit Pillows

A great way to upscale your couch to get that farmhouse feel is to purchase a cozy slipcover. This couch looks great with the burlap rug, fluffy throw pillows, and other touches. Add a great storage coffee table, topping it with a wire basket full of candles, green gourds, and photos. You can even add a large basket full of extra pillows and afghans for added warmth to the room.

Light and Feminine Country Fireplace Display

A great mix of modern and farmhouse, this look is sleek and rustic at the same time. Add a colorful rug to the wood flooring, and place a rustic window above the fireplace. Add a few candles, a plant, a metal basket with flowers, and two colored glass vases full of pink and white blooms for a feminine touch to the room.

Rustic Painted Wooden Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

If you want to create a simple farmhouse flair in your home without spending too much, you could always look for a great vintage sign. This farmhouse sign is made from reclaimed barn wood, and it looks old. The white painting of the cow, pig, and chicken is great for the living room and kitchen area. It is small enough to be subtle but still gives you that hint of the farmhouse you want.

Primitive Deer Antler Centerpiece Basket

If you need an excellent centerpiece for your coffee table, you can try this simple option that will bring your living room to life. Grab a small basket that has that vintage feel. Grab a few painted or plain deer antlers, either ceramic or natural, top them with some greenery and add a white bottle beside them. Put a few sprigs of the foliage in the bottle to tie it all together.

Dining Room Edison Bulb Pendulum Light


The Edison bulbs are a huge thing nowadays. You can create a beautiful pendulum light in any room of your home by grabbing a few of the Edison bulbs from the store. Hang them between a few holes in a wooden beam, and top the wooden beam with various sprigs of greenery to give it that farmhouse feel. You can use this in the living room, dining room, or kitchen.

Relaxed Livingroom With Folksy Display Hutch


This smaller living room idea is so cozy and warm that you will love it. The plush couch is made even more relaxed with the added throw pillows in various colors and patterns. The coffee table is decorated with a burlap runner, wire lantern, books, and burlap pumpkin on a small tray. The cabinet behind the couch is distressed with chicken wire on the doors, baskets, and other trinkets to create that farmhouse style.

Simple Chalkboard Living Room Wall Art

Sometimes, all you need is a little chalkboard to give your room a beautiful rustic look. You can create your chalkboard by grabbing a vintage frame, painting, and distressing it. Use the glass and paint over it using chalkboard paint. You can use chalk sticks or a chalk marker to make your sign or have your family write notes to make it more personal.

Springtime French Country Seating Area

The farmhouse doesn’t always mean white, tan, and light grey. It can also mean dark blue, dark grey, and more. Get a great look for your living room by adding two dark grey chairs, some colorful throw pillows, and black and white gingham curtain panels to your windows. Add a vintage window and a green wreath to add more dimension and color.

Lilac Flower Centerpiece in a Tin Bucket

You can create a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee table by simply filling a tin bucket during the spring season. Add a few colorful flowers or flowers of all the same color to make them pop in your room. Set the bucket in the center of your coffee table to make your centerpiece the highlight of the room.

Wood Framed Family Photo Display Corner

Changing your picture frames is another easy way to add a farmhouse flair to your living room. Find great wooden frames of various kinds: dark, light, raw, reclaimed, distressed. The more you mix up the edges, the better it will look. Make your photos colored or black and white to create a unique collage of pictures in the corner of your room.

Elegant Provincial Country Fireplace Mantle

Country elegance is what you get when you add this stuff to your fireplace mantel. The chalkboard sign with the rough wooden framing looks fantastic above the modern and sleek design of the fireplace mantel. Add white, vintage water can full of flowers, a wire basket full of firewood, and a few other small items to add dimension without crowding it.

Homey Cottage Style Living Room


If you love the country look of the farmhouse, you can try adding several colorful throw pillows, a basket full of flowers and antlers on your coffee table, and maybe even a cowboy hat hanging from a ceramic deer head. Add a few other touches like wooden signs and lanterns to a shelf, and you’ve got a great country living room.

Rustic Wooden Coffee Table and Platter

If you love coffee and hot chocolate, you can take your love from the old barrel and crate tops to create new pieces for your living room. If you can’t find any, paint them yourself using stencils and acrylic paint. Add handles to a square piece for a lap desk, and add legs to a round bit for a great side table.

Polished Country Living Room with Tufted Seating

Tufted seating is a great way to get the vintage flair you need, but the farmhouse feel comes in the décor. Add vintage water cans and lanterns full of flowers to the tables. Add a lamp for lighting, and hang a giant, wooden clock on the wall to tie in the farmhouse style. You can even add several colorful throw pillows.

Quilt Display for Farmhouse Living Room Designs

If you love displaying your beautiful quilts, a great way to do it in your living room without taking up too much space or ruining your farmhouse flair is with a ladder option. Use an old ladder with the rustic, rough wood showing. Hang your blankets on the rails, and lean them against the wall for easy storage and a rustic look.