50 Excellent Summer Hairstyles And Haircuts Ideas For Women To Try

A pixie haircut is a simple way to make your looks sharper and brighter. Short hair draws extra attention to your face, so you should think in advance what features you’d like to accentuate with your short haircut. Extra short pixie, for instance, flatters girls and women with delicate facial features and big eyes. If you have some extra pounds, it’s better to decide on a pixie with a tapered silhouette and elongated bangs.

Ultra-Cool Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair


#1: Pixie with Long Crisp Layers and Nape Undercut

50 Excellent Summer Hairstyles And Haircuts Ideas For Women To Try

Instagram / @androgynyprodigy

The thinner and longer the layers, the less “puffy” or “spiky” your pixie will look. Hair that reaches the ears all the way around and has a dramatic undercut at the nape of the neck allows for a striking contrast with loads of intrigue. Keep the undercut short, but not totally buzzed.

#2: Choppy Dark Brown Pixie

This chick looks like she’s just put on her blue suede shoes and is about to paint the town red! We love how the stylist took the naturally shaggy texture of her dark hair and turned it into a super hip style. Tip: it works amazingly well, when paired with biker-chic outfits, as seen above.

#3: Long Choppy Uneven Pixie Cut

This choppy cut features the longest length in the front and progressively decreases in length towards the back. The look is an easy transition from longer hair to a total pixie cut, as the face-framing length gives it an almost bob-like appearance, but the nape is from a short cut.

#4: Mussed Up Layered Pixie with Highlighted Bangs

Embrace a messy, cool-girl texture. Whether you look for a crop to compliment straight hair or a pixie cut for thick curly hair, layers and a tapered silhouette are key. When styling, opt for a messy finish to show off the moment of the hair, an essential attribute of a modern haircut of any length.

Instagram / @askforjamie

#5: Adorable Long Tousled Brunette Pixie

Scared of a pixie cut that lays flat? It’s easy to style a longer pixie without sacrificing your love for volume. Add a root booster or volume enhancer to the roots before blow-drying your hair, and flip your head over when drying to amp up volume even more. When you’re through, just shake it out and go!

Instagram / @walkerswerkshop

#6: Extra Long Blonde Pixie with Tapered Nape

As women’s hair varies in textures, finding a complimentary cut means “every day a good hair day” with minimal styling. When it comes to pixie cuts for thick coarse hair, a longer side-parted style feels the most natural and flattering for stubborn strands.

Instagram / @megahairmaniac

#7: Feathered Pixie with Nape Undercut

The best beautiful pixie cuts for thick hair feature uneven feathered layers over a nape undercut. This way you show off lots of texture and create gorgeous lightness and movement in otherwise simple and boring short hair.

Instagram / @coloristsochi

#8: Elongated Pixie with Long Layers

Pixie cuts for thick hair are no longer hard to style when given long layers. Restore body and texture with this low-maintenance cut. A few subtle highlights around the crown make the hairstyle dimensional.

Instagram / @hairbyelena

#9: Long Messy Blonde Balayage Pixie

Experimenting with the color of your pixie cut is a great way to personalize the look. The hair painting or balayage techniques allow a stylist to add in tones that complement your roots as the pixie grows out. An ashy blonde with dark roots oozes a rocker-chic vibe that works well with the shape.

Instagram / @priss_duarte

#10: Bronde Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

One way to make pixie haircuts for thick hair stand out is to give them highlights. This one looks summer-fresh with the bronde balayage color. The best thing about the pixie bob is its versatile look – you can grow it out into a bob until your next salon appointment or crop it back into a shorter pixie if you decide so.

#11: Feminine Undercut Pixie for Curly Hair

This pixie cut for thick curly hair is super feminine and soft thanks to its delicate curls. With an all-over color or subtle highlights, you can’t go wrong.

Instagram / @denyvir

#12: Long Disheveled Pixie with Blonde Balayage

Doesn’t this long pixie cut for thick hair make you want to chop your locks off right now? The subtle piece-y waves on top keep the look soft. The bright blonde highlights over a dark base deliver a movie-star flair.

#13: Shaggy Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

A messy pixie with a little bit of curl means ultimate texture and dimension. Use a straightener or a curling iron for small curls. You’ll be the epitome of style.

Instagram / @id_studio_

#14: Voluminous Pixie with Angled Sides

Another great way to style pixie haircuts for thick hair is to work in angles. These create a flattering geometric shape and lift up the face. Ask your stylist to keep the edge blunt for a neat angled look.

Instagram / @arsentovmasyan_

#15: Choppy Silver Pixie

Women with straight hair will love rocking this cropped choppy pixie. For thick coarse hair, a style like this tames locks in a classy way. Let bangs graze your eyebrows and sideburns cover your ears if you prefer a face-framing look that can balance out your face shape.

Instagram / @jaywesleyolson

#16: Messy Pixie Bob with Piece-y Layers

Modern pixie haircuts for thick hair often fall somewhere between a true pixie and a short bob. From the front it’s a bob, from the side view it’s half bob, half pixie, and it’s a real tapered pixie from the back, complete fusion!

Instagram / @jacksy

#17: Feathered Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

Gray and purple go so well together! Be bold and try out this super cute layered cut. Blow dry or flat iron for a soft, girly pixie and you’ll be the envy of your friends.

#18: Boyish Tapered Pixie Cut

Looking for something on the shorter side? A very short pixie like this boyish tapered cut is ultra edgy and low-maintenance. Style with pompadour bangs and finish the look off by sweeping crown pieces forward for more texture.

Instagram / @leighdoeshair

#19: Long Razored Teased Pixie

If you aren’t a fan of polished looks, razored layers can add extra edge to a simple style. To style a fashion-forward look, keep face-framing layers sleek and neat, and use a teasing comb to give some oomph to your shortest strands in the back.

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

#20: Classy Brunette Pixie with Back-Swept Layers

Perhaps the most refined of all short pixie cuts for thick hair features layers long enough to sweep back and blend with a clean and tapered nape of the neck. Ask your stylist for an undercut to give an additional lift to the top and opt for a V-cut nape and sideburns instead of the traditional ones.

Instagram / @nataliakop

#21: Neat Boyish Cut with Long Angled Bangs

Straight hair looks as chic as ever when given long angled bangs. Sweep them to the side and leave loose or pin back for a cute date night look. Show off a statement necklace or earrings with this neat yet edgy hairstyle.

#22: Tapered Pixie with Side Undercuts

Remember Ashlee Simpson’s pixie days? We have a feeling she would approve of this tapered pixie. Side undercuts are something you don’t see every day and the layered pieces covering them are the perfect addition to the cut.

Instagram / @demetriusschool

#23: Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

Want to go short but don’t want to lose body? The tapered pixie with a feathered crown is the best in keeping volume. During the day run your fingers through the hair for a quick refresh. A great look for women with thick hair and round faces, this style will help elongate your face shape easily.

Instagram / @gulevich.vladimir

#24: Thick, Sleek and Short

Go for a more sophisticated pixie cut by creating a sleek, side-parted style. This is a versatile look that works with any and all occasions or ensembles. You’ll be the picture of elegance and class.

#25: Tapered Pixie with Angled Sideburns

The angled sideburns on this tapered pixie introduce a cool static detail and the layered locks throughout are dynamic and make your hair look fashionable and healthy. For a subtle and sophisticated color, highlight a dark base with auburn babylights. Prefer a lighter color? Go for golden highlights!

Instagram / @plavalaaleshika

#26: Messy Pixie for Thick Wavy Hair

This pixie cut for thick wavy hair can be worn by women of any age. Fluff up the hair with mousse or hairspray to give voluminous waves to your messy pixie. If you prefer low-maintenance cuts, this look is for you!

Instagram / @plavalaaleshika

#27: Long Razored Pixie with Feathered Crown

The long pixie cut with highlights features enough length to be feminine yet it’s also edgy and bold. For women with thick hair and round faces, this look can help elongate and slim down the face in a flattering way.

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

#28: Blonde Pixie Bob with Feathered Layers

A long pixie cut for thick hair with back-swept layers looks like the all-over bangs in the coolest way possible. To avoid any helmet-head situations, make sure long layers are feathered and fanned out when styled.

Instagram / @amaralsilvio

#29: Razored Black Pixie with Purple Highlights

The razored playful pixie will show off your wild side! Keep strands around your face longer and cut it short at the nape of the neck for a hip style. For added detail, try some pointed sideburns. Finish with a dangly earring for sparkle.

Instagram / @panovaev

#30: Cute Choppy Gray Pixie

If you have straight hair, a choppy pixie with lots of different layers is perfect for you. Rock a metallic silver or gray for a fresh take on the classic short pixie cuts for thick hair. Use a spritz of hair spray to lock in your look.

#31: Tapered Textured Black Pixie

For thick coarse hair, a tapered textured pixie tames locks in a sophisticated way. Having layers near the face long will allow you to pull them back for a date night look or when you’re killing it at the gym.

#32: Finely Chopped Caramel Pixie

Thick hair needs to be well shaped to look good in any short hairstyle – straight, wavy or curly. A tapered silhouette and plenty of choppy layers build up that shape you want in a pixie cut for thick wavy hair. And it will look equally flattering if styled straight with a root lift. This cut is not very short and it lets you play with textures and coloring whenever you are ready for a change.

Instagram / @iwearblackallday

#33: Short Blonde Pixie

Short hair will look wispier than it actually is, when dyed a light color. Ash blonde is a very cool option. To keep things trendy, why not to spring for an androgynous, edgy style, like this one? On the one hand, it has a retro, swinging 60s flavor, but, on the other, the darker roots are reminiscent of the contemporary ombre style. Perfect mix!

#34: Short Feathered Tapered Cut

The best pixie cuts for thick hair work with your texture, not against it. Asking for feathered layers will de-bulk your thickness and give your hair a lighter feel. The result is the perfect pixie to run your fingers through.

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

#35: Choppy Thick Hair

One of basic recommendations concerning a pixie cut for thick hair is to take out some of the bulk via choppy layers. This is especially important when dealing with extra textured locks. A razored cutting tool will thin out the layers and make them look natural and effortless. Blunt, unblended layers just won’t work on this short cut.

#36: Pixie With A Tendency To A Curl

Curly hair may cause you troubles with styling, but if it’s a short haircut, like Audrey Tautou’s, you will be able to use your unique texture to your advantage. The right length and good hair thickness are crucial points here, but the reward is worthwhile.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#37: Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

Using the feathering technique only at the top of the head creates volume and height, while the tapered finish at the nape of the neck keeps this style from seeming too sloppy. If hair is one color, layers can create a similar depth to that of highlights, making your ‘do even more photogenic.

Instagram / @iwearblackallday

#38: Layered Strawberry Blonde Pixie

The most professional of all pixie cuts, the classic cropped pixie is neat and chic. The face-framing strands double as side-swept bangs, and the nape of the neck is clipped and clean.

#39: Angled Pixie

Kellie Pickler also sports an elongated pixie, but her version differs notably from the one, presented by Anne Hathaway. Kellie’s cut features the angled sideburns and point cut ends, so it obviously appears edgier and needs some extra definition during styling.

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#40: Funky Tapered Pixie With Angled Bangs

Halle Berry is another celebrity who looks breathtaking with short hair. Her choice is this cool pixie with a feathery finish, that can be styled in scrunched waves or in rigid locks with defined ends, like in the picture. We believe Halle has found a secret elixir of youth, so excellent she looks!

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#41: Two-Tone Pixie Cut

Short pixie cuts get even more expressive with creative hair color solutions. Try a cool two-tone color that will also distinguish the lengths and textures within your cut – the longer choppy blonde top with staggered, feathery tips and the shorter neatly tapered dark sides and back.

#42: Short Fluffy Blonde Cut

A little length in front of the ears paired with a fluffy, feathered crown is a fun, edgy look that platinum color amps up even more. To keep this style lifted all day long, use your fingers to haphazardly run a matte texturizing paste throughout the top of the head, spiking it up, and slick down the sides.

#43: Edgy Choppy Gray Pixie for Thick Hair

Not all layers need to be swept back — a cut with layers styled forward oozes total rocker vibes. If you plan to sport this look, make sure to show up at your salon for regular trims, so you don’t end up with hair in your eyes in a matter of weeks.

Instagram / @luis_valdezhmua

#44: Short-to-Medium Choppy Blonde Cut

The choppier the layers, the stronger the impression your cut makes. Not quite bob-length, rather those of a long pixie, these medium layers pair well with the dirty blonde shade to create a cool, carefree, and somewhat stylishly unkempt finish.

Instagram / @himnhair

#45: Tousled Pixie with Long Crown Layers

With a nape undercut, the long V-cut layers really pop. When you have a short style this chic and edgy, you can stick to a basic solid color or your natural hue to draw attention to the cut and texture, while keeping the color discreet.

Instagram / @patrick.trant

#46: Thick, Textured and Highlighted

Thick hair is typically restrained to a life of long lengths. However, when worn in a short, pixie-like shape, thick locks are very cute and manageable. The thick textured hair makes for a fuller, bolder haircut that can be curled, straightened or left to its own devices.

#47: Long Feathered Blue Black Pixie

A blue glaze on dark brown or black hair is a great way to add some dimension and fun to a still-safe color. With thick hair it’s important that your cut doesn’t look blocky in a solid dark color, that’s why a blue tint and high shine finish work so good for this pixie bob. And wispy layers certainly play up the look.

Instagram / @bossladyhairdiva

#48: Jewel-Toned Pixie Cut

Consider pixie cut styles to be your tickets to total and complete hair freedom. Show your wild side by adding flashes of beautiful jewel tones like ruby, amethyst and sapphire. The three shades complement each other perfectly and will work to transform your hair into a prismatic, vibrant work of art.

#49: Textured Bronde Balayage Pixie

The contrast between the super-short back and the very lengthy front layers in this style is appealing, especially when color is used to highlight the difference of lengths. A bronde balayage — not quite brunette, not quite blonde—works with naturally darker roots so your color is easier to maintain for longer.

Instagram / @doridoeshair

#50: Feathered Pixie

There are two styling elements that make this look work. One is the red undertone of the brown color. The copper-auburn mix draws the onlooker’s attention to the model’s picture-perfect complexion and her striking grey-green eyes. Then, it’s certainly the cut’s beautiful feathered texture that makes her short locks look adorably lively.

If you choose the right short haircut, your styling time will be reduced to the minimum. The only moment to watch with pixies is the timely trimming to maintain the perfect shape. Outgrown pixies do not always look very appealing.