Box bob hair or THE square cut to adopt to look younger!

The cuts antiaging really exist! The latest to panic the beautistas on the Web? The Box bob hair, a real hair and skin lift according to hairdresser Annie Redman! After several months under the sign of confinement, your mane and your skin need a facelift? You have come to the right place, because the editorial staff of will give you everything on the new rejuvenating cut to adopt this summer to fight both against the signs of aging and more or less fine hair. To your notebooks!

Spotlight on the cut that erases the signs of aging, the Box bob hair!

Boosted hair and rejuvenated face! This is the effect of the Box bob cut thanks to which the Fountain of Youth is no longer a myth. The latest variation of the bob cut to date which is creating a buzz in salons and which deserves your full attention. If we have to determine which square is a hit at the moment, it’s her! However, after Victoria Beckham’s shaggy cut , blunt bob , sliced ​​bob and pob , it’s a bit of a surprise that hairdressers decided to add another type of bob to the program. So, what is the Box bob? What are its peculiarities? How to adopt it? And above all, how to style it? Decryption!

What exactly is the Box bob?

What is the Box bob? As you have probably understood, this is a plunging bob cut that’s short and quite textured to boost the natural volume of the hair. The tips are enhanced by a mono wavy, while the accent of the cut remains the slightly tousled S-shaped lock that frames the face. Thus, the lengths are deprived of undulations. Neither too long nor too short, the curved relief brings out the eyes and the cheekbones. This is what makes this cut so charming. And while you might think it’s produced with a strand tucked behind the ears, this gentle curve is achieved with a straightener or hair clip.

Why adopt the Box bob?

Impossible to go back! On the other hand, a stylish and well-crafted cut can completely transform your look. Sometimes a few scissors are all it takes to give fine hair a boost and erase the signs of aging. While some cuts tend to close the face, others are made to brighten it up. This is particularly the case with the Box bob. In addition to giving dynamism to the mane, it defines the jaw and highlights the cheekbones and eyes. However, a so-called “anti-aging” haircut first and foremost requires a healthy hair fiber! Dull lengths and damaged ends can in no way rejuvenate a face. Therefore, the Square Box requires having healthy hair.. So, we pamper, then we cut! Healthy and decked out with some flattering highlights, the rejuvenating new cut is gaining momentum.

Box bob hair for whom?

The ideal variation to adopt the Box bob bob cut is to have a perfectly smooth or slightly wavy mane. Dear women with curly and frizzy hair, you better go your way because the pob trend is not for you. It is perfect for stiff and fine manes. As for thick hair, they can also appropriate the new rejuvenating cut, as long as you opt for a light and subtle gradient.

How to maintain your rejuvenating bob?

As already said, the rejuvenating bob is carried out on healthy hair. A good hair routine is therefore essential before you sit down in your hairdresser’s chair. Homemade masks , regular cuts, spaced shampoos, sun protectionadequate, massages, gentle and respectful hair products … to adopt the new trendy cut brilliantly, attack the scalp. Once the hair is square, it’s time to master the styling. The secret of a good mono wavy? The subtle brushing, of course! To avoid frizz, please better use serum. As for the S-shaped wave that frames the face, use the straightener to keep it relaxed. We remind you that this curve can also be made with pliers. Finally, the right color is also essential for the look of your Box bob. The caramel and honey highlights will be particularly attractive this summer!

Afro square box

Box bob and thick bangs

Square box and curtain fringe

Braided box bob