Easy Easter Centerpiece

Here is what you’ll need to make this beautiful and Easy Easter Centerpiece:


  1. – Jar/Vase
  2. – Branches/Twigs
  3. – Spray Paint
  4. – Ribbon/Tulle
  5. – Hot Glue Gun
  6. – Paper Grass
  7. – Fake Easter Eggs


1. Gather your twigs and cut them to the lengths you want them. Spray Paint and let dry.

2. From there hot glued these glitter-y Easter Eggs all over branches.

3. Then stuck all branches in vintage jar, and also fill it with some shredded Easter paper grass.

4. Top it off with a pretty bow made with tulle.

And that’s it! So simple and so pretty!

I think a bunch of these would be beautiful as centerpieces for an Easter celebration or dinner.