How to set up a designer pool house?

The pool house is a space usually fitted out near the swimming pool to store the various accessories used during swimming such as buoys for example, as well as all the machinery necessary for the maintenance of the basin. But your pool house can not be reduced to a technical room, you can also provide other spaces such as a relaxation area for bathers and even a real living space where you can receive your guests around a healthy snack afterward. swimming.

The pool house can therefore have several functions, depending on which you install the right equipment and have enough space. Here are some ideas for setting up a designer pool house in your home.

Some essential characteristics of the design pool house

The pool house worthy of the name must have some essential characteristics. The first is that it must be made of a wooden, PVC, steel or even hard construction (brick or cinder block) that opens outwards.

Then, it must at least include a closed space in which it will be necessary to store all the equipment of the swimming pool and the garden if the basin is there. You also have the option of dividing this space into 2 in order to have a changing room where swimmers can change and even shower before diving into the water. This second area of ​​the pool house will then open to the outside through openings made up of bay windows for example. These can come in handy for closing off the space in the evening or when the weather gets cooler. It can also be used to fit out sanitary facilities or other comfort equipment such as a spa for example.

Finally, the third space will be fully open and will allow you to install deckchairs or garden furniture.

Design ideas for the pool house

Whether you have a large or small space to set up your pool house, you need to make it both practical and welcoming. There is no shortage of ideas to do this. All you need to do is listen to your needs and your imagination!

A pool house with garden furniture and sunbathing area

The garden furniture is the ideal equipment to bring a touch of comfort to your designer pool house. You can compose it with a sun bath and even several, to have near the pool and where swimmers can bask in the warm after swimming. The ideal would be to opt for furniture which resists well to the water of the swimming pool since they will be sure to be splashed. They should also be UV and weather resistant. Sunbathing is clearly the essential equipment to install around the swimming pool. Easily foldable, they will find their place perfectly in the pool house.

They promise real moments of relaxation, much more than just garden deckchairs. Sunbathing is THE must-have for any self-respecting pool side!

For a chic and elegant garden furniture, know that more noble materials such as resin, bamboo, acacia or teak are also used by manufacturers to design resistant outdoor deckchairs.

If you do not have an umbrella by the pool, you can also find sun loungers with awnings from specialist shops.

To optimize the comfort of your outdoor living room, consider opting for chairs with at least head cushions and whose position can be adjusted according to the user’s desires, whether they simply want to sit down, s ” lie down slightly or lie down completely.

Note that you can also find waterproof cushions that will not soak up water, to install on your sun loungers, even when you are leaning on them being soaked.

The pool house with summer kitchen

The pool house can also be arranged so that it can serve as an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area for the preparation of your convivial meals at the water’s edge. To do this, it will be necessary to place a small work surface, a cooking space or a barbecue, (in the absence of the cooking space, a plancha can also do the trick for grilling), and some storage for utensils. This also implies that you install a drainage system and connect it to the electrical connection of the house.

Meals can then be served on the garden furniture, accommodating a table. Modular sun loungers will find all their use here, since they can be folded up to serve as a chair.

Note that the more modern version of the kitchen area is the bar with ottomans and garden chairs, where you will serve fruity drinks and other cocktails to the swimmers.

The minimalist pool house with lounge chair and curtains

Not all spaces can necessarily accommodate a semi-open structure making it possible to provide several spaces for the pool house. This does not necessarily mean that it is necessary to ignore this relaxation area near the swimming pool. With the chaise longue in the form of a bed and equipped with a structure with shade sails , you have a small space in which to lie down, without having to undertake any work. Everything will then be easily stored in the pool house, but still plan to have it large enough to house all your belongings.

The concept of this type of lounge chair is simple: it can be deployed in different positions and can even take the form of a bed and thanks to its canopy frame while curtains will protect you from the sun’s rays while giving a look very elegant overall.

This kind of daybed is specially designed for outdoor use and is therefore resistant to sun and water. It is also easy to take apart for storage when winter arrives and the pool is placed in hibernation.

Pool house with aerial relaxation area

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Whether you already have garden furniture with kitchen area or whether your pool house is rather small, you can very well decorate it with an aerial relaxation area made up of hammocks or swings . Garden chairs in the shape of a swing are also very trendy and come in different very decorative formats. You can install them in the shade of a structure that you have covered with a modern shade sail or even a parasol to make it simpler.