Funfetti & Pink Cream Cheese Cupcakes

I love a delicate cupcake. Seriously. Love. I just want to stare at them. Forever.
Yes, I realize I might have a problem.

What you’ll need:
>>For the cupcakes<<
1 box FUNFETTI cake mix & accompanying box ingredients.
Cheap cupcake liners (you’ll be removing them later)

>>For the icing<<
I used the leftovers from the cake icing to ice these, but here is another recipe that’s one of my favs! It’s so great for piping a nice fluffy icing.
A piping bag
D2 icing tip

>>To Decorate<<
24 Cupcake wrappers.
You can pretty much find these all over the internet or hey, if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own with this free template.
Owl cupcake toppers
White sugar sprinkles

>>For the cupcakes<<
Follow funfetti box cake directions.
Bake in generic cupcake liners (you’ll be removing them later)
Set aside to cool.

>>For the icing<<
Follow directions above from the Strawberry Whopper Cake (cut the recipe in half)
OR follow these directions for my fav fluffy cream cheese icing.
Place D2 tip into piping bag and cut off the end to fit the tip.
Place bag into a tall glass and pull the sides down around the rim.
Fill bag in glass with icing and twist the opening of the bag to close it off.

>>To Decorate<<
Remove the original liners from each cupcake and place bare cupcake into cupcake wrapper.
Take piping bag of icing and start from the outside working in, in a circle until the cupcake is completely iced.
Add sprinkles & Owl toppers.