How to Make Yoyo’s


  1. Scrap Fabric
  2. Buttons
  3. Scissors
  4. Pen
  5. Circle
  6. Needle & Thread
  7. Hair clips or broach pins

 Step 1:  Draw around 2 circles and cut out. Your Yoyo will half in size, so keep this in mind when choosing a circle size.

Step 2: Cut

 Step 3: With a needle & thread sew 1/4″ from the end, go around the untie circle.

It might start to pull & look like this.

Step 4:  Pull thread tight & make a couple of stitches to secure your gathers, then knot and trim your thread. Squash your yo-yo flat, with the gathers centred on the top of the yo-yo.

All done!

Turn them into anything. Clips, Broaches, Gift decorations, whatever!!!