How to make checkbook covers/ tutorial

today, i am writing a tutorial on making check book covers. it will be an easy follow tutorial. i used most of my fabric scrap to complete. {supplies/ tool} cotton fabric batting fusible interfacing sewing machine

for the cover, i think you can design however you’d like for your cover look. i cut my fabric in 2″ wide and lay them right next to each other and see how they look.

used 1/4″ seam allowance.

after sewn 5 pieces together you’ll want to iron them down.

sometimes, i iron my seams open, but sometimes i have them on the same side. it depends what type of project i am working on. for this one, i chose to iron on the same side.

section your whole piece. cut them into 2″, so the fabric can be lay around.

i added some scrap linen to give some additional texture look.

after sewn all the pieces together. you’ll need to press the back seams again. { note: i found linen can be stretch during sewing progress}

find some scrap batting and a piece of cotton fabric because we are going to sandwich the three pieces together.

i bought a spry glue bottle from wal-mart( you can find it in the craft section). or you can find them in any craft store near by you.

spry evenly on the batting ( both side). it can get sticky on the edge of the batting, so i recommend you trim it close to your cotton fabric before you put it on your sewing machine, just be safe!

put the sandwich piece on your sewing machine and quilt around it. i just went with the straight line, so it make the cover look clean and simple.

now you should have your piece quilted and the measurementis 8″x8″.

prepare for inner pockets ( where you’ll put your checkbooks). measure 2 pieces of fusible interfacing 3″x8″ measure 2 pieces of cotton fabric 6″x8″

iron your interfacing onto your cotton fabric

fold the other half towards to where interfacing was iron on. then iron on the right side fabric.

lay the two inner pocket on the inner cover piece.

sew roughly around the edge of the pocket. this will help you to secure it on the cover piece.

prepared for your binding.

make sure iron your binding nicely.

sew the binding onto the cover. use 1/4″ seam allowance .

when it comes to the corner. fold your binding like shown on above pic.

when you complete sewing binding this is how it looks like.

turn the binding out.

the inner pocket and binding are attached. i used the sewing machine sew around the binding. you can also used hand-stitch.

now, you have a one of a kind checkbook cover!