sewing curves tutorial

I though I’d post a quick and simple tutorial as promised for the double wedding ring curves sewing. I found the way I do it was much easier than trying to make it difficult. Here we go.. As you see the top picture on the left is called arch in the double wedding ring and the left is called melon.

Take your melon and fold in half. Use your finger tips to make a line mark by pressing the fabric.

This is what I was talking about the “mark”. This would be the center of the melon.

Find your center of arch and line up with the “mark” you just made on the melon. I am not sure the double wedding rings that have been written or you use, but mine have 6 pieces that pieced for one arch.

I pin down the center and the top and the bottom of my melon and arch. I only have 3 quilting pins. I found it gives me lots rooms and flexibility of the curves. I think the less pin that has been use the better curves have turn out for me at least.

As you can see here that my melon and arch sandwich is curved. You would need to work with your curves on the sewing machine, but don’t pull. If you try to pull so much that would only stretch the fabric.

The curve would look like this when you have it done. It should be clean and nice sewing seam all around.

This your sewn melon and arch look like after you have them sewn together. I pressed my seam towards to the arch side instead of melon because later on you’ll need to sew the other side of the arch to the piece. Hope this quick tutorial makes sense to you.