Pretty excited today!!!!

I just got up and did my workout. Got the blood pumping and it navigated my entire day with excitement!!! Seriously, I must have some happy gas leaking in my house somewhere?? I just want to explain to you how it makes me feel, so if you ever have those down days and couldn’t be bothered (which tends to set your mood for the rest of the day) IT CAN be different,  you’re the one THAT CAN make that change.

Pre & post workout meal/drink
Apple puree
Vanilla protein powder with water

Workout completed 50/10 circuit this has been such a challenging workout for me that I am really noticing my muscle definition. I don’t have massive weights only 4.5kgs as I am easing back into my exercises. Due to my severe pelvis instability, I have been advised not to do high impact exercises or over exert myself hence just taking things slow.

Breakfast was kinda morning snack (had a sleep in)
Breakfast protein bar
latte on the go!

You guys are gonna kill me as I just put all these ingredients together without measuring. If you are interested in this recipe, I will make every effort next time I make these to give you approx. measurements. Off memory when I looked up protein bar recipes online a few years ago, they count as 300 calories per bar. My mix made approx. 8 bars (I made them last night and they set in the fridge).

It was great to catch up with Kelly today, she made us a lovely salad lunch and apple cinnamon bfast cookies by my fav chef Teresa Cutter. They were so delicious (sugar free) and I will definitely be making them!

Super vegetable salad
1 cookie and coffee

Afternoon snack
Banana and nutsI also made a special surprise pop in at CAKE today with the kids after school, remember the macaroon “special treat” visit with Celeste last week? Well…. our kids have been so super with their less sugar foods that I surprised them by a little treat AKA baby chino and muffin. They were over the moon!!!!

Super quick chicken & veg fried rice (not really fried, rice was just tossed through)

I originally planned lamb cutlets but my butcher didn’t have them so I just settled for chicken that I already had in the fridge. Also the ingredients I had at home.

Chicken tenderloins (add S&P)
Chicken stock
Sour cream
Corn flour
Dijon mustard
Frozen peas

In a frypan heat olive oil and brown the chicken, set aside. Add onions & bacon then mushrooms, sauté until mushrooms soften. Add mustard and sprinkle some corn flour. Stir well, add chicken stock and chicken. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Add peas and allow to simmer for another 10mins.
I used my brown rice cheat microwave pack and threw that in the mix at the end and chopped up some herbs with a dollop of sour cream or yogurt (whichever you prefer).

Really quick and ready in 15 minutes or so.

Okay, off to tidy this place as I left this morning for a mental health “home duties” day off! Sometimes it’s ok not to leave your home beautiful and just enjoy life outside for a change!!!!