Say Goodbye to Wardrobe Malfunctions

Sometimes your clothes just don’t want to cooperate and I’m not talking about a Janet Jackson type of wardrobe malfunction. But there are issues that can be a nuisance and I have found a couple products that should help eliminate any future wardrobe issues. I love the look of a white button down under a sweater, but I hardly wear them since it can look and feel bulky and the shirt never stays in place. Well, enter the SkinnyShirt. Its gives you the look of a button-front collared shirt, without all the bunchiness and bulk. The top looks like a cotton button down, but the bottom is a sleek knit shirt. The shirt comes in long and short sleeve and in black and white.  A definite must if you want to have that tailored look under a sweater.

On the subject of bulkiness, there are times when you need a belt, but don’t need a bulky belt buckle ruining the lines of a fitted top. So now you don’t have to worry about bulky belts thanks to Invisibelt. The Invisibelt lies completely flat. It holds up your pants without adding any bulk. You adjust it to your size and then snap the clasp for a slim connection.

So if you are sick of wardrobe malfunctions and looking for a tailored and polished look, check out SkinnyShirt and Invisibelt.