20+ country, bohemian, 50’s and other wedding witness dress designs

The witnesses of a marriage are the most important people, of course, after the bride and groom themselves. In fact, you can’t get married without witnesses! Their role is therefore decisive, which means that they must be chosen with great care. No, the current article is not devoted to the criteria for choosing your beloved “referees” … Let’s say you have already chosen them and it is time to dress them for the special occasion. Certainly, a tailor-made suit for the gentlemen is an impeccable option especially in the case of a thematic wedding. What about the girls? Here’s how to respect the dress code with the right country wedding, bohemian, 50s wedding witness dress and so on!

Ideas on the chic country wedding witness dress

We certainly have to admit that country guest outfits and bridesmaids’ dresses are very important parts of a celebration aimed at this rustic theme. However, the witness dress is crucial to the cohesive appearance of the party due to its high exposure.

The next point is not always achievable, but in the best case scenario, the bride-to-be and the trusted girlfriend should choose the wedding witness dress together. Following the logic, we do it after selecting the star of the show, namely: the wedding dress.

The country wedding witness dress has a much more important mission than just respecting the chosen theme. Not only should it not overshadow the wedding dress, but at best it should showcase it! Thus, a simple and chic wedding dress will require an even more modest and equally elegant wedding dress .


By the way, fuzzy cuts, romantic lace and powdery undertones are perfect for accomplishing the simplistic and polished 2 in 1 effect. On top of that, all the features listed encompass the essence of the pastoral style in question! Well, it seems that the secrets of the country wedding witness dress have finally been revealed!

Which witness dress for a bohemian style wedding?

The main advantage of a boho chic style party is that the rules to be observed, including the dress code, are not actually too strict. For example, a two-piece outfit consisting of a maxi skirt and crop top (as illustrated above) is perfectly suited to this!


Feeling good about yourself, showing an artistic soul and being free to express your uniqueness are the keywords here. In wedding fashion, the bohemian momentum can quietly translate as natural appearance, asymmetrical off-the-shoulder dress and romantic bouquet.

On the other hand, you can adopt another strategy by choosing to emphasize the “chic” in “boho chic”. This emerald green witness dress impresses with the inlays of its openwork neckline and perfectly highlights any fair complexion.

Three variations of the long navy blue dress to meet the demands of any young lady

Bohemian wedding witness dress silhouette in A: lace and tulle in burgundy color

Dark purple looks aristocratic, while the sweetheart bustier exudes romance 

Powder pink wedding witness dress: open back for contemporary princesses

Dress in mismatched color to distinguish the witness from the bridesmaids

The same principle applies to patterned dresses compared to unicoloured ones.

Thanks to its court train, this flowered wedding witness dress is dignified even for a bride!

This is how to dress well if you have to take part in a wedding inspired by the 50s

Super chic bride with veil and 50s witness dress with generous puffy petticoat

Splendid lace dress because witnessing and being pregnant are not mutually exclusive

In fact, you can underline the “baby bump” with such a fuchsia wedding witness dress.

The short dress just above the knee is cute and not likely to look vulgar

Long rose gold satin dress idea for girls wanting to flaunt their perfect figures