100 Dollar Store Garden DIY Ideas

Container Dollar Store Garden DIY Ideas

Planted Tulip Pots from The Sequin Home

Succulents In Recycled Tin Cans from Home Hearth Haven
DIY Mason Jar Succulent Pots from Lolly Jane
Rustic Succulent DIY Pots from Pink When
DIY Seashell Planter from Billabong
Cake Pan Planter
cake pan + gravel + various sized pillar candles + potting soil

Laundry Basket Planter from Elizabeth Joan Designs

Shower Caddy Wall Planter from Dazzle While Frazzled
Ladder Herb Garden (no source found)
metal planters with handles + s hooks + ladder

DIY Plastic Bottle Herb Gardens from Grillo Designs

Flower Centerpiece from Hearth and Vine

Succulent Sphere (using $1 coco liners) from Drought Smart Plants

Nail Polish Terra Cotta Pots from Hello Glow

DIY Hanging Bottle Planters from Hello Glow

Egg Carton Seed Start (source unknown)

Cute Kitty Terra Cotta Flower Pot (source unknown)
4 small $1 terra cotta pots, rope, 2 medium terra cotta pots, acrylic paint

$3 Flower Box from from How Does She
This one doesn’t use dollar store supplies, but is equally as cheap!

Over the Door Shoe Storage Herb Garden from Instructables

Lantern Terrarium from Fluorescent Beige Blog
This project uses an IKEA lantern, but you can easily make your own lantern with dollar tree supplies using this tutorial

DIY Chia Pet Planter (source unknown)

Milk Bottle Herb Garden from Grillo Designs

Glass Bottle Planter

Self Watering Herb Garden from I Think We Could Be Friends

Toilet Paper Seed Starters from Our Wabisabi Life

Dollar Store Succulents Globes from Gardening in the Shade

Inexpensive Plastic Pot Bird Feeders from Mami Talks

Hedgehog Bottle Planter from Susie Qute

Painted Rope Terra Cotta Pots from House by Houff

Lettuce Globe Using $1 Coco Plant Liners from Youtube

 Dollar Store Garden Markers

DIY Garden Markers from Playground Park Bench

Painted Rock Markers from August Wren

Wine Cork Markers from Thrifty Mom

Painted Rock Garden Markers from Crafts by Amanda

Mason Jar Lid Garden Marker from The Prudent Garden

Brick Garden Markers from Simple Details
You can use red garden pavers that are under $1 each

Lighting Dollar Store Garden DIY Ideas

DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls from Lynne Knowlton

Hula Hoop Light from Sarah on the Blog

Tree Branch Candles
tree branch + drill and large drill bit + tea light candles

Dollar Store Hanging Lanterns from Running with Scissors

Lighting Posts from The 100 Block

DIY Solar Chandelier from Buzzfeed

Cheap Outdoor Lantern (using a tuna can and glass candleholder) from In My Own Style

Tin Can Lanterns from Grow Creative

Ping Pong Patio Lights from Surznick Common Room

Votive Candle Hanging Garden Lights from Sunset

Mason Jar Lights from Micheal’s Apples

Mason Jar Hanging Outdoor Lights from eHow

Other Dollar Store Garden DIY Ideas

DIY Garden Mushrooms from Birds and Blooms

Tea Cup Bird Feeder from Bushel and a Peck

Tin Can Bird Feeder (source unknown)

Cheap Flower Pot and Pizza Pan Garden Table from Apartment Therapy

Tic-Tac Seed Container  (source unknown)

Using $1 Epsom Salt in the Garden from Go Green (via Youtube)

Pebble Pathway Art
$1 river rocks + acrylic paint + $1 spray sealer

Folding Strainer Flowers from Thrifty Revel Vintage
You can’t find the foldable strainers at the Dollar Store, but you can find them for around a $1 each at thrift stores

Garden Mushrooms
$1 glass candy dishes + $1 candlestick holders + e6000 glue + spray paint + outdoor acrylic paint

Cute Pig Terra Cotta Pots (source unknown)

Cake Pan Stepping Stones from Intimate Weddings
DIY Accent Table from Thrifty and Chic
DIY Walkway (Using Dollar Store Picture Frames)
Glass Marble Fence from Garden Drama

Dollar Store Fairy Garden DIY Ideas

Painted Terra Cotta Fairy House

Fairy Garden in Hanging Planter from Dollar Tree

DIY Fairy Garden from Aidie’s Hideaway

Fairy Garden with Mossy Roofed House (source unknown)

Bridge Over Water from Juise

Fairy Garden Clothesline
tulle ribbon + mini clothespins + cotton twine + decorative hair pins

Flower Fairies from Lemon Zest

Twine Beehive from DIY Fairy Gardens

Popsicle Bench from Meatloaf and Melodrama

Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors

Flickering Fire Pit
LED tea light candle + twigs + pebbles + glue gun