Crayon Canvas – Rainbow Party

These are splashed all over Pinterest
I always wanted to make one, so it was perfect for the Rainbow Party.

Here’s how I made it.


2 x packs of Crayons

Hot Glue Gun

Hair dryer

I used two packets of crayons to get more of the same colours.
I took out the black & browns
Grouped them together.
Lay them on the canvas to see if you need to removed any or add more.

Hot glue each crayon. You must be quick, as it dries fast

All Glued on

It’s very Important to always keep the hair dryer on low airflow with hot air, or on medium.
I didn’t and it starts to spatter every where. (below Image)

Keep it nice & close, melt from the middle of the crayons down.

Do as much melting as you like.
It does dry super fast, but you can just remelt again.

All Done!