So the plan is to post a tutorial every month. And now that I’ve put that out there, I will be sure to jinx myself. Such is life.

Today, we shall make this DIY reversible scalloped skirt:

To make your scalloped hem skirt, you will need: Plain fabric, printed fabric, matching thread, elastic, sewing machine.


Cut two of the following:

NOTE: The length of the back pieces should match that of the curved length (along the sides) of your front pieces. Take your measuring tape and measure the length of the front pieces, from the waist, following the curve of the hips to the endpoint by the scalloped hem. My back pieces were an inch longer than my front pieces. 

Use a bowl or anything round to make your scallops. 

One is plain and the other is printed.

Okidokes, let’s sew!

1. Sew the sides of your DIY skirt pieces, right sides together. Plain to plain, printed to printed, of course.

2. Turn the plain parts inside out. Insert into the printed parts, right sides together.
3. Match the scallops and sew, printed to plain.
4. Clip along the scallops. BE CAREFUL.
5. Turn your skirt inside out. By this time, you’ll have a skirt with two sides, one printed, the other, plain. You can choose to sew the scallops flat or leave them be.

6. Flatten your skirt, making sure the seams match. Now sew an inch or two from the waistline. Let the width of your elastic be your guide. *** 7. Sew one end of the elastic to one side of the waistline and lay it flat along the back parts of the skirt pieces. Attach a safety pin to the other end of the elastic. ***8. Fold the waistine piping inwards. Make sure that you leave room for the elastic to be pulled to the other side of the waistline. Sew but leave a 2-inch allowance.

9. Using the safety pin, pull the elastic to the other side of the waistline. Remember, only the back part of the skirt will have an elastic waistline. Sew the end of the elastic to the skirt, following the side seams. 10. Sew the allowance shut.



1. You can choose to use two plain or printed fabrics. Of different colors and prints, of course.

2. Adjust your scallops according to the width of your DIY skirt hem. You can’t have a quarter of a scallop on one end or something like that. The scallops should be symmetrical.

3. You can sew the elastic in place by sewing along the waistline while stretching it.

4. Style high on your waist and tuck in place with a belt. Wear with a simple tank + black tights + your favorite shoes.