What is the maintenance-free outdoor potted plant that will enhance your terrace, patio or balcony?

There is hardly a plant that cannot grow in a pot: either a potted rose or a Mediterranean potted plant. A large group of perennials are also no exception and can be potted. You are already introduced to the cultivation of a potted rhododendron and the adaptation of a potted treeIf you are convinced of the benefits of container growing, but think this is not your cup of tea, maybe you’ll turn the jacket over by reading our article on the maintenance-free potted outdoor plant.

Growing a maintenance-free outdoor potted plant has many benefits

If you’re new to gardening, growing plants in containers is a great way to start. For example, start with small-scale things like planting cherry tomatoes in pots to become more confident as you “learn”.

The other element of container gardening that is suitable for budding gardeners is low maintenance. It is easier and faster to take care of a plant in a pot than to keep it above a garden border. Plus, the containers are relatively portable, so if your plant is in trouble, you can easily move it to another location before it’s too late.

Carrying the pot is a big plus for tenants as you can take your plants with you when you move out. Let’s say it is very convenient to mount the maintenance-free outdoor potted plant on a platform with wheels. Movable in this way, it will be a great asset.

Despite having a small space, the containers are perfect for balcony gardening and you can pot even a tree in them. Which makes it a perfect opportunity to green your outdoor space regardless of its size.

No less important plus – growing potted plants can make your movement easier if you have trouble gardening at ground level. Being able to play with height is also a fantastic way to create a larger display of plants and flowers in a small space using a range of pot, trellis, or even shelving sizes.

Finally, if you don’t have a lot of time to garden, but it’s your passion, focusing on growing potted plants is a good compromise. No need to worry about watering, weeding, and pests, and you don’t have to dig!

Choose your pots carefully 

Be careful in choosing your jars and containers. Plastic containers, especially black pots, can heat up quickly in the summer, which can stress the roots of some plants and limit their growth. Instead, try a clay, ceramic or concrete container. Whether you are a novice gardener who would like to start with a maintenance-free outdoor potted plant or a seasoned professional who enjoys planting outdoor pots, our suggestions are inspiring.

Which plants are best for outdoor pots? 

Not all summer containers need hours of maintenance to keep their appearance looking great. Choose your plants carefully, such as those that are drought-tolerant, and you can create a striking display that requires minimal consideration.

Some plants are better suited to growing in the ground while others will be more than happy to grow in pots. Choose plants that are well suited to growing in planters and containers. In the gardening world, this is often called “good plant, good place”.

Drought tolerant aeonium and Festuca

Need a plant that tolerates drought, neglect, and lack of nutrients? This drought-tolerant duo doesn’t need any maintenance – just plant them and water now and then. The terracotta planter is chunky enough for the center plant, while the swaying grasses add a wild touch.

Osteospermum, hebe and fern in balance

While the osteospermum flowers in the pot are pretty, the foliage on other plants is striking enough to hold things together when overwhelmed. The foliage will also last year-round, meaning the container should have good stamina.

Eryngium, achillea, and sedum: a robust trio

This hardy trio is reminiscent of plants found on dunes, and they are just as tolerant of harsh conditions in a garden. In addition, their liveliness gives us joy to our hearts year after year, the flower heads keeping their shape until fall.

Phormium, begonia, and echinacea with architectural foliage

The architectural foliage and the striking flowers form a container that really has pizzazz. The flowers will last for several weeks, with the other plants growing strong and spectacular as the season progresses.

Pelargonium, ipomoea, diascia and senecio: sun lovers

In a classic terracotta pot, these sun worshipers feel great and need little maintenance. Flowers are the heart of this display, while variegated foliage and ornamental grass add texture. Cut off the wilted geranium flowers and water sparingly.

Pelargonium and aeonium with attractive flowers

Attractive blooms and striking foliage combine in a container that needs small amounts of water to keep its long-lasting beauty. A grit mulch improves growing conditions and keeps weeds at bay.

Can you plant perennials in flower pots?

Absolutely. If your perennial is suitable for container cultivation, there is no reason not to. In fact, growing perennials in containers is a much more profitable way of gardening. It reveals a considerable range of plants available to you. You can perfectly grow flowering plants, shrubs, and even small trees in pots if you choose the right variety.

Standard shrubs

In general, a standard shrub is grown in a specific shape and often has a small tree structure. Standard shrubs are ideal plants to grow in containers and can be used to create a big impact. Standard, low-maintenance tall shrubs for outdoor pots include berry, photinia, wisteria, holly, and ornamental cherries.

Roses in pots

Many varieties of roses do well in container culture. As the name suggests, a patio rose variety is a perfect choice.


You probably associate succulents with houseplants, but many varieties are ideal for outdoor pots. You can plant multiple varieties together to create a desert garden effect, or stick with one type for a more contemporary look. Succulents look great on a gravel bottom, it’s also a great way to keep soil from splashing on the leaves. Succulents are very low-maintenance outdoor potted plants, but they don’t like to grow in soggy soil. Provide them with enough drainage.

The Camellia offers a superb display of flowers

If you want to introduce an evergreen shrub into your ambiance, consider a camellia. Its glossy, deep green leaves are interesting all year round, and they present a superb display of flowers in early spring. You need to plant camellias in ericaceous compost and grow them in a sheltered place. So, if you ensure these two important factors, a camellia will not need a lot of maintenance.

Agapanthus provides height

Even though the pot has a restrictive nature, the agapanthus gets its favor and produces more flowers. The plant will provide height and showy flowers during the summer months, and shades range from white to deep blue.

Boxwood is an excellent privacy screen

If you want a formal and elegant look for your container, a clipped boxwood is the right choice. This plant is slow-growing and you will only have to give it a cut every year or so. In everyday life, it only needs water. Before buying and planting, check if you live in an area where the boxwood caterpillar is rife. If you are unsure, alternate with the yew or the evergreen bay leaf.

Dwarf buddleias offer a floral impact

These plants are suitable for growing in pots and offer a low-maintenance floral impact. It is also a fantastic plant for pollinating insects and particularly popular with butterflies.

The dwarf lavatera 

This is a traditionally tall plant that was recently introduced as a dwarf container variety. Dwarf lavatera (or mauve) is hardy and tolerates some neglect while producing masses of pale pink flowers on tall stems. It is also an excellent plant for insect pollination.

Lavender in a pot? It’s possible!

Although you are used to gazing at lavender in the fields, it is a traditional cottage garden plant. The English variety is hardy and does not require a lot of maintenance. Good drainage is an important factor, so don’t overwater it.

Geranium is ideal as a low-maintenance potted outdoor plant

Apart from the flower beds and borders enjoying the flowers of hardy geraniums, it is easy to maintain in pots. She will happily grow in containers, where she will produce masses of flowers with very little effort. During the period of growth, the geranium is subject to division to give rise to new plants.

Heucheras in many colors

Available from dark purple to golden bronze, heuchera is a great option for foliage. They go great with flowering plants and look great on their own or in several different colors grouped in their own pots.

Potted hydrangeas are a trend

We’ve always thought of hydrangeas as great garden edging plants, but they are amazing on a smaller scale in a container. Hydrangeas bloom for months, so you can create a stunning effect over a long period of time from just one pot. Check the water level regularly, as these are thirsty plants.

Ornamental grasses

They are fantastic plants for outdoor pots. Use them to add height, texture, and movement to space. They can create a beautiful foliage backdrop with annual flowering plants. The grasses are also brilliant to provide structure and interest during the winter months.

Annual plants in pots

When it comes to annuals for outdoor pots, there is a wide range to choose from. Osteospermum, lobelia, petunias, verbena, pansies can cover a large area, but their splendor explodes in suspended pots. Easy to grow, these plants can flower for months.

Nigella spreads by itself

You will be amazed to see a whole plantation of black seed after scattering a few seeds. Its nature is gratifying even that you put in no effort.

The nasturtium creates an excellent suspension in a pot

Nasturtiums are ideal plants for hanging baskets and pots, providing a splash of bright color throughout the summer. They tolerate poor soil and are easily adaptable.