How to sew a VERY simple beach cover-up

A bikini cover-up you can sew in less than an hour! Hooray!

You will need:

Fabric (2 – 3 meters), cord, buttons/beads


My pieces (and Snow’s butt) before sewing:


1. Fold and sew one side of the front pieces. This would be the neckline side.

2. Sew the shoulders of the cover-up, right sides together.

3. Fold over the allowance along the shoulder seam and sew to have a clean finish.

4. Sew (or hem) all the way around your cover-up. This excludes the neckline sides since you already took care of those on step 1.

5. Attach the cord casings to the wrong sides of the cover-up. Use your waistline as a guide.

6. Insert cord.

Attach your buttons or beads to the ends of the cord and you, my love, are done!

Final Words:

1. Use a fabric with a pattern or print along the edge.

2. I realize that I will probably look like a chieftain wearing this cover-up. I guess that’s okay since tribal print is apparently trendy this season.

3. Also, this does not call for side seams. Your sides will be open, making it perfect for showing off your fun bikini.