Skirt to dress (mini-tutorial)

My new favorite dress used to be a long gypsy skirt. I’ve always wanted a long skirt with that thin crinkly fabric because I used to live with a girl who looked really cool in her gypsy skirt.

Inspired by a Craftster post  I saw, I decided to transform it into a halter dress. I got out of bed 3 times because I felt this itch to refashion the skirt. The first time, I took “before” photos. The second time, I cut the skirt. The third time, I fiddled with the extra fabric to see how the top part of the dress will look like. By that time, the sun was already up and I had to force myself to hit the sack. If I didn’t, we’d have missed our Up cinema reservations.

But the itch was so strong that I woke up after 5 hours and finished sewing the dress. I wore it in the movie house.

Okay, on to the mini-tute. These are just doodles so bear with me.

1. Cut your skirt. You’ll have about 10 inches of extra fabric after you do that. Sew the hem of your new dress.

2. Cut about 2 pieces of the extra fabric. Each piece should be about a meter and a half long. Do not worry, you’ll have more than enough. Fold and sew the edges and sew the ends together as shown in the illustration below.

3. Sew this top part to the skirt. Make sure to pull the garter while doing so.

Wear it halter style, tying the ends of the top part on your nape. For the kimono style, drape the two top parts loosely over your shoulders and the top of your arms and do the following: