How to make a simple cupcake applique

As promised, here is the printable cupcake applique pattern. It’s just a crude computer illustration because I made this using only MS Paint. My Photoshop skills haven’t improved since the last time I bragged about them. Very sad.

the x’s mark the spots where the parts should meet or overlap

1) Cut the parts.

2) Don’t forget to set aside some beads for your sprinkles.

3) Place only a small amount of hot glue on the areas where the parts will overlap. It’s not important to cover the area evenly. Remember that you will hand sew the felt and your needle will have a hard time getting through hard hot glue.

4) Place carefully, minding the x marks on the pattern.

5) And here is the applique ready for some hand-sewing.

6) Start with the grooves of your cupcake paper.

7) Then sew the heart to the frosting. Use matching thread. Or not, it’s entirely up to you.

Sew the frosting to the “paper.”

9) And now we’re ready to sew some sprinkles. You can use multi-colored beads or brown ones (chocolate flavor, yum).

10) And you’re done baking!